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The Artbidy Art Gallery hides hundreds of unique, one-of-a-kind artworks, the enormous variety of which will take your breath away. You will find works of modern, contemporary and even ancient art. The offer includes paintings as well as illustrations, photographs, sculptures, comics, posters, jewelry, crafts, design, collectors' items, collector's fashion and NFT art. We want to reach the widest possible audience with our offer and we do not limit ourselves to the possibility of continuous development of our activities, thanks to which you can even find historic properties or vehicles with us. All offered items share a unique character and soul, which are dedicated to equally extraordinary, future owners.

Art gallery in Warsaw

You can view the artworks we collect in an art gallery in Warsaw, but also from anywhere in the world and with the help of an electronic device that you have at hand. All thanks to the fact that the objects available from us - along with their authors, details and valuations - can be found on our website. In the Artbida online art gallery, you will find the entire collection of our works and more, and all of them are divided into 18 thematic departments. Original objects have been exhibited there every day for the last 8 years. It is done by both collectors and the creators themselves, supported by our experienced crew and even professional art dealers with whom we cooperate.

Online art gallery

You can purchase any item from our gallery of contemporary, new, old and other art, fully online. Payments are made instantly, using PayU and PayPal, so you will be able to easily pay by card, BLIK or traditional online transfer. What's more, you can order the purchased artwork with delivery to the address indicated or pick it up at the headquarters of an art gallery in Warsaw. Such a large variety is an expression of our concern for your comfort and the desire to make the entire procedure as easy as possible for you. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy your latest acquisition very quickly and exactly in the place where you feel like it. The operation of our art gallery is of course aimed not only at potential buyers who love art and appreciating its power, but also at sellers. We help not only artists exhibiting their artworks, but also people who have collectors or other objects for sale. Our team of experienced experts offers comprehensive assistance in submitting objects. When turning to us, you can count on the period of creation of the artwork, as well as its author, if not known. We will also assess the condition of the artwork and a potential valuation based on the collected data. At the end, we will jointly determine the mode of sale that will suit you. What's more, our holistic approach to the transaction also guarantees photographing, describing and preparing documents confirming the authenticity of the item in the offer.

An art gallery created with care for the customer

When you decide to sell through, you can be sure that you will receive the highest possible profit and the finalization of the sale will go according to plan. Our online art gallery, along with the auction house, is one of the most visited parts of the world among websites related to art commercialization. We stand on the podium in Poland, and our offers are reviewed every day by tens of thousands of collectors who are looking for something perfect for themselves. All this means that people selling objects are always satisfied with the cooperation with Artbidy and are happy to come back to us with new works and more. Artbidy is not only a gallery of contemporary or old art. In 2013, we opened the world's first online auction house and since then we have been doing our best to make art reach as many people as possible from all over the world every day. Our rich offer is adapted to various types of recipients, and the use of modern technologies allows us to accept and execute orders regardless of where our client is located. See for yourself how unique our art gallery is, and among its wealth you will undoubtedly find something perfect for you.