Valuation of works of art

If you are in possession of a work of art, but you do not know its value, we are here to help. Our team of absolute experts has been dealing with professional art valuation for many years. We also offer the service of preparing written descriptions, which are required in the case of exporting works abroad and for other civil law activities. Each client receives from us a detailed written description of the valuation along with a photo.

We prepare valuations for both individual and institutional investors. We also undertake the valuation of the entire art collection. In any case, the price for the service is set individually. If you would like to prepare such a valuation, please contact us. You can also order a preliminary valuation service via the Internet, which will be prepared on the basis of the description and photos sent to us. All necessary contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.

Conservation of works of art

Conservation of works of art is an extremely delicate task that requires appropriate knowledge, skills, workshop and experience. This type of work should be commissioned to the best experts, otherwise you risk even destroying the painting. Our auction house employs many years of specialists in this field, who have already had the opportunity to work in the conservation of the most expensive and delicate works of art.

We have a fantastically equipped workshop in which our conservators constantly work to restore old works of art. By entrusting your painting to us, you can be absolutely sure that it will regain its former splendor. We evaluate such a service individually, so please contact us to arrange the details of the order. Regardless of whether you want to renovate an old art object, contemporary art, photography, graphics or work on paper, our team is always at your disposal. If you want to restore your work of art, our experts will be happy to do it for you.

Picture framing

An integral part of any painting is its frame. A high-quality binding will make your work of art look as good as never before. We professionally frame images according to the client's guidelines. Our team of specialists knows how to choose the setting so that your work of art is even better displayed. We have already made frames for over a hundred paintings, and our clients are always satisfied with the work done.

We offer luminaires characterized by both minimalism and more decorative and sophisticated. We are especially proud of the hand-made frames that we create based on a specific ornament. We work with individual and institutional collectors. Each painting is unique, therefore the pricing is completely individual. Do you want to frame your painting anew? Please contact us! We will prepare a detailed service quote for your painting and we will start work immediately.