#ID 54
Kobieta Jaguar, 2017
Technique: acrylic
Dimensions: 200x150x2.5 cm
Status: Gallery offer
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Extraordinary painting created as a triumf of a woman, her beauty, magic and indescribable by words mistery and power. The Jaguar Woman was painted for an exhibition conected with promotion of new model Jaguar F-PACE in 2017. What is very special abaut this painting is total freedom seen on a canvas as well in the superb individual technique used so far only in this particular painting. As a piece of art witch starts dialogue with woman's nature and power of Jaguar ...this painting during it was creating was ... run over by a car...many times. The Artist was a driver and by herself run over a fresh half painted canvas lefting marks of tires and pieces of rocks and slags from the country road. This totally spontanious art act coused a beautifull cosmic efect on an painting describing so well by colours and structure, "brushworks without any brushes". The painting is an excelent center point of a trio forces... a woman, an art, an a power of a majestic car - The Jaguar.