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For years, our auction house and art gallery have brought art closer to thousands of people, presenting it in a modern form. In 2013, we created the first online auction house in the world, and since then we have significantly expanded our scope of operations. We have achieved a stable position on the art market, gaining the trust of thousands of customers and artists. You can find here a variety of works of art, including paintings, sculptures, antiques, prints, posters and photographs. What's more, in our gallery you can choose from as many as 18 thematic departments, and you will find there, for example, collector's jewelry, crafts, antique vehicles and real estate, watches, collectors' items, collector's fashion or NFT art.

An auction house with many years of experience

We are a team with many years of experience that operates both on the Polish and foreign market. Every day, our auction house and gallery are visited online by tens of thousands of collectors, artists and people interested in selling various objects. This allows us to be one of the most visited websites in the world related to the commercialization of art. We offer the sale of paintings, sculptures, antiques and other works, both in the form of a gallery offer and private sale. We enable transactions via the Internet, and for your convenience, the purchased item may be sent to the address provided by you or picked up at the auction house in Warsaw. In our gallery there are over 2,000 professionally presented objects, available with valuations, names of authors and descriptions. Our private (so-called, silent) offer also includes hundreds of works of art, to which over 2,000 collectors have access. We also search for specific objects on request

Paintings, sculptures and antiques - all at your fingertips is a place that is different from all other auction houses and galleries. With us, you will find true passion, commitment and willingness to popularize art and reach as many people as possible with it. We are convinced that thanks to our activities and the trust of artists and clients, it is possible to build the belief that art is for everyone and does not only apply to a narrow group of recipients. In order to make it more accessible and attractive, we have also introduced an innovative business model to our activities. With its help, we can sell paintings, sculptures, antiques and all kinds of artworks without having to charge a commission from the sellers. What's more, we offer the exhibitors a comprehensive service and full preparation of the facility for sale, thanks to which, with our help, it is possible to achieve the highest profit from the transaction. If you want to report an object that you have for sale to us, we will provide you with a holistic preparation of it for the transaction. Our clients are often not the artists themselves, but people who have acquired a artworks or sculpture that they do not need. In such a situation, our professionally prepared team can guarantee a quick determination of the period of creation of the exhibited item, as well as its author, if not known. What's more, we will also assess the state of preservation of the work and its valuation based on the collected information and many years of experience of our employees in the trade of works of art. Finally, we will also provide support in choosing the right selling mode that will be the most advantageous and bring the most profit to the seller.

Comprehensive care for artworks and more

At Artbidy, you can take advantage of an exceptionally wide range of services that we offer. In addition to the fields of activity mentioned above, we also provide care for private collections, support museum collections and investment consulting. Our specialists also know how to choose the perfect picture for the home decor, so we cooperate in this area with both private clients and professional architects and interior designers. Invariably, for years we have been caring for the development of people's awareness of art, so we take part and organize numerous educational and charity campaigns, publicizing matters related to the artistic community.