Artbidy auction house places great importance on ensuring that our clients feel safe. Therefore, from the beginning of our activity, we train, work on hiring the best specialists in a given field, come up with new methods of securing clients' interests and develop in legal and IT terms.

Certificates of authenticity

Artbidy is the only auction house in the world to introduce the standard of triple certification of the offered objects. This means that each item for sale is minimally verified
3 ways. Our routine verification activities include:

- confirmation of authenticity with an expert (certified art historian, watchmaker, diamond expert, goldsmith, etc.)
- chemical, UV and infrared tests
- confirmation of authenticity with artists
- confirmation of authenticity with the heirs of artists
- provenance verification
- Artbidy's internal verification

Certificates confirming knowledge

Artbidy auction house has knowledge and experience confirmed not only by 13 years of experience and customer feedback, but also by two of the largest and most professional auction houses in the world - Sotheby's and Christie's. We regularly complete training, courses and studies at Sotheby's Institute of Art and Christie's Education in the field of the art market, trade in works of art, running an auction house, marketing in the art market, law in the art market, art appraisal, promotion of artists and history of art, design, watches and jewelry.


In addition, we completed courses in the assessment of diamonds, coins, precious stones and pearls, as well as the HRD Antwerp precious metal and jewelery appraisal course, which is the most professional and prestigious institution in this field.

ARL certificates

Artbidy is the only auction house to check all the items on offer in the international ARL (Art Loss Register) index, which contains information on over 700,000 lost and stolen works of art. The index is built in cooperation with private owners, collectors, state institutions, museums, border guards and the police. Artbidy's customers receive ARL certificates, which confirm the absence of legal defects of the purchased objects.


Legal certificates

We have received a certificate approving the preparation of our company in terms of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Our customer data is safe and used only by Artbidy for the purpose of selling and buying works of art. We do not share personal data with other entities. The protection of personal data applies to all of us because it protects our right to privacy, which is one of the fundamental rights of the individual.

IT certificates

In order to ensure the security of sensitive user data and their finances, on the website, we use:

- Certificate SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a network protocol that has become a widely accepted standard for data encryption on the Internet.
It enables the establishment of secure connections between the web browser and the server on which the website is located. Thus, it ensures the confidentiality of all information sent in both directions.

- Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides "double checking" that a user is actually who they say they are. In addition to entering the password to the account, our system sends an SMS with the code to the telephone number provided during registration. This method of verification is used by banking, public trust institutions, and the best websites and mobile applications.