About the department

The inventor of the watch is believed to be Peter Henlein, who in 1504 will put the movement in a portable box, thus creating the world's first pocket watch. Since then, the concept of clocks and watches has undergone many transformations, but their main function in practice has remained unchanged. They are supposed to measure time and despite the appearance of, for example, smartphones that have already replaced many devices, watches are still not going out of fashion, and even gaining popularity.

Collector's watches and clocks are items characterized by exceptional aesthetic values ​​or an interesting history. Their great value may also result from the materials from which they were made - often in the form of precious metals. They are perceived as works of art, which is why collectors are keenly interested in these objects and keep track of auctions where collector's watches appear.

Collector's watches auctions

The Watches Department was established to organize and coordinate auctions dedicated to collector's watches and clocks. You can buy unique copies on them, which we are constantly looking for on the art market. Until now, our offer includes wristwatches from such manufacturers as: Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega and Vacheron Constantin. Antique clocks and pocket watches from the 19th and 20th centuries also appear occasionally, which are a real treat for collectors. Why is it worth using our auctions? Before issuing a given copy, they are carefully verified by internal and external experts. Thanks to this, our customers can be sure of every aspect of the device.

Collector's watches are a way of life

Watches have become synonymous with good taste, style and class. You have to pay a lot for a good-quality device with a handmade mechanism. On the other hand, collector's watches, manufactured several dozen years ago, reach prices of hundreds of thousands of zlotys - and even more. Nowadays, they also act as ornaments. There is no better accessory for a suit or dress than a well-fitting watch. They are perfect for both women's and men's fashion.

Wrist watches are an interesting phenomenon because despite the appearance of new devices, i.e. smartwatches, they still enjoy unflagging interest. The time measurement option is de facto available in every electronic device, and yet it is precisely wristwatches that are so desirable. What it comes from? The reason is, for example, the difficulty of producing a handmade wristwatch. The great precision that is required in the process of constructing mechanisms makes it sometimes difficult to believe that it is a work of a human being. And yet there are masters who can operate at such a level of precision, and the quality of their work is proven by the prices of such devices.

If you have any questions about auctions organized by us or watches from our offer, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer all of them. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.