The mere presence of art can completely change the feeling of being in a given space. Its beauty and multidimensionality constantly delight, which is why they are so much desired. As is well known, works of art can be expensive and even very expensive. Bearing in mind the growing demand for it, we have created a service that allows you to enjoy art at a reasonable price. This is the leasing of works of art.

Sometimes you just need to quickly organize pictures or other objects, but their purchase would be quite costly. Periodic rental of works of art is the perfect way to introduce a touch of artistry to specific rooms without spending huge amounts. The price of such a service is actually a small fraction of the costs that would be associated with the full purchase of the facility.

Artworks leasing for offices, hotels and other spaces

Poland has developed tremendously in recent decades. The public space of our country is no longer littered with blocks of concrete slabs and old, crumbling tenement houses. Today, beautiful hotels and modern office buildings dominate in larger cities and tourist destinations. Works of art fit perfectly into the interior space of such objects. Guests and customers will surely appreciate this artistic value, which will make them return in the future.

We offer a rental service of our works of art to offices, hotels and any other space. We guarantee the highest quality, renovated facilities. We have paintings, graphics, etc. from the old and newer times. We have art by famous artists as well as young ones. No art trend is alien to us. The choice is very wide and depends only on the characteristics of a given space and customer expectations.

Artworks rental for events

The thing about events is that they are crowded with many intense experiences in an extremely short time - usually several days. The organizers do their best to make the event participants remember them for a very long time. Art rental fits perfectly into this concept. In this way, you can borrow outstanding works for a short period and decorate your event with them, making it even more special.

We have a wide range of works of art, so you can match works of art to each event. We divide this type of service into two categories, i.e. the rental of works of art that will be an addition or decoration, and the rental of works of art that will be the main axis of the event. In both cases, the question of price is decided individually because too many factors play a role.

Our auction house has been operating on the art market for many years. We have access to the most interesting facilities that are perfect for tasteful and modern interiors. If you want to cooperate with us, please contact us. Our team will tell you more about the rental process itself, about the costs of such a service and about the available works of art. All necessary contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.