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About the department

People collect literally everything - especially extremely rare items. Collecting can be an interesting way to invest, because objects most often gain in value with the passage of time, and additionally it is intensified by an interesting story. For example, the world's most expensive postage stamp, "Red Mauritius", was sold in 2021 for EUR 8.1 million. Only three of them have survived to this day, and one of them is owned by Queen Elizabeth II, who keeps it in her philatelic collection. Although postage stamps are among the most famous collectors' items, the market has much more to offer and collectors have a lot to choose from.

Collecting may have very different motives. Some people earn their living this way, while others simply do it for hobby purposes. Regardless of the type of items you collect, from a certain point there are serious sums at stake. This makes the investment in rare collectibles usually quite profitable. They cannot be produced, and as the number of collectors increases and the deterioration of such objects progresses, the prices are simply higher and higher. Nevertheless, such an investment must involve great caution as well as extensive historical knowledge. Often it is also a question of hiring an expert to check the authenticity of an item.

Collectibles auctions

The Collector's Items Department is responsible for organizing auctions where you can purchase unique collector's items. It includes objects from such areas as: memorabilia, bibliophilia, numismatics, militarism, philately and pharelian studies. We are constantly looking for collector's items on the market, thanks to which you have the opportunity to acquire them. Each individual item is carefully examined in terms of its condition, originality and detailed history. That is why our clients have complete and reliable information before proceeding to bidding.

Collector's items worth

Basically, collectors' items almost always have some kind of history. These can be, for example, orders of historical generals or copies of old books signed by famous personalities. The more interesting the story, the more valuable the item becomes. Therefore, collecting is also associated with the study of the history of objects. Collectors look for any mention of their property in countless historical sources. As a result, they can increase their value and sell them for a higher price in the future. That is why collectors are very often people who are amateur or professionally passionate about history.

If you have any questions about our auctions or collectors' items from our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to answer all of them. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.

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