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Antiques, like any works of art - including sculptures and paintings, will be a great addition to a tasteful interior and will give it an additional character.

How to combine antiques with modern furniture?

Antique furniture fits even into modern interiors. It will be a better decision to arrange an antique with large dimensions than a few less massive ones, as it may cause the effect of disorder in the room.

Try to choose a piece of furniture in muted colors so that it does not overwhelm the rest of the decor. An old piece of furniture should not dominate, but only add character.

If you want to choose modern furniture, remember that they are the basis for the entire room. Therefore, bet on universal and timeless ones, to which you can easily choose an antique piece of furniture.

How to recognize antiques?

Not every old piece of furniture can be called an antique. Moreover, according to the 2004 Act, in order to be called an antiquity, it must be at least 100 years old.

It is worth focusing on a careful examination of the furniture before buying. The more references to the present day, the smaller the chance that a given piece of furniture is an antiquity. This method, however, is an implication, but can it be somehow verified? Not. However, you can check several other factors that may be decisive whether a given piece of furniture can be called an antiquity.

Take a look inside them to check what plates were made of, whether nails were used (remember that they were only used in the 19th century). Check also for damage such as cracks, abrasions and whether the furniture could ever be renovated. This will definitely make it easier to verify the authenticity of the artwork. Don't look for cheap antiques. Then you have no guarantee that it is actually antique.

How to clean antiques?

How to clean antiques? First of all, you should do it regularly. Frequent dusting or vacuuming, depending on the type of material the furniture is made of, will protect it from too frequent exposure to water or chemicals. However, if it becomes necessary to thoroughly clean its surface, choose products designed specifically for old furniture, otherwise you may damage it irreparably. It is worth mentioning that polished antiques are best cleaned dry - preferably with a flannel or cotton cloth.

How to price antiques?

When the time comes when we want to sell our antique furniture, its valuation keeps us awake at night. It is difficult to assess its actual origin, age, condition, and whether it has been renovated in the past - all this affects the final price. It is worth consulting professionals for this purpose. You can successfully take advantage of Artbidy's offer, which has been operating since 2013 as the world's first online auction house. Today, he works with the best appraisers and experts in the field of art, both in Poland and abroad.

Artbidy is a place where you can exhibit works of art, such as paintings, sculptures or antiques, and buy them from reliable sources.

Why are antiques so valuable?

Antiques have great sentimental value. For many people, having such furniture can bring back memories of carefree moments of childhood - loved ones who passed away and the item was important to them, or they can simply go back in time to the old moments associated with this antique.

Crafts are always priced. Most antiques were made by hand, which makes them unique. Some have different special characters that distinguish them from other ordinary pieces of furniture. In addition, such handicrafts will continue to increase in value from year to year. Antiques are excellent investments that not only give a great profit prospect, but also diversify any interior of a house or apartment.