Beautiful furniture - antiques, just like any artworks (including sculptures and paintings) can be perfect elements of stylish or stylized interiors, giving them an unusual character. The Artbidy online art gallery offers antique items, including antique furniture, thanks to which you can successfully realize comprehensive interior furnishings in the style of the old days.

How to combine antiques with modern furniture?

Antique furniture and objects of old art fit even into modern interiors. They must be handled with care, not only because of the age of the antiques, but also because more of them in one room can strongly overwhelm the interior. Sometimes a kind of minimalism in the furnishing of stylish interiors makes the effect exceed our expectations - one historic object of art, a piece of furniture in a vintage style, can emphasize the luxurious nature of antiques, become a counterpoint to the entire arrangement of the room.

If you want to combine modern furniture with beautiful antique furniture, choose uniform furniture with universal, timeless fronts as the basis for your decor - it is easier to match furniture from the past and decorative antique items to such furniture. You will find a suitable antique piece of furniture in the online store offer of our Artbidy art gallery.

How to recognize antiques?

Not all luxurious old furniture has the character of unique antiques. It is very important how old the antique is - according to the law, furniture and collectibles that are at least 100 years old can be called antiques. So, when browsing the offer of antiques in an online store, it is worth taking a good look at the furniture that interests us - it may turn out that, yes, they are stylish furniture, but not luxury antiques. What is best to pay attention to during verification?

Look inside the furniture and check what boards the furniture is made of and whether nails were used in its construction (this may be a clue in stylish furniture, because nails were not used until the 19th century). The value of exclusive antiques is also influenced by their history and compliance with the original - i.e. if they have undergone renovation of antique furniture to regain its former splendor, it should be done using techniques appropriate for furniture collections of works of art. Otherwise, we can only talk about styling, which is not always of interest to collectors.

How to clean antiques?

Regularity is important - gentle wiping of stylish luxury furniture or vacuuming it means that we do not have to wonder later what liquid we can or cannot use so that the antique furniture does not lose its gloss (as a result of damage to the polish) or cause discoloration on its surface .

However, if routine is not our domain and we need to use some stronger chemical agent to clean, of course, antique furniture should be treated with special liquids intended for old furniture. Thanks to this, our stylish interiors will be decorated with old furniture in still great condition.

How to value antiques?

Finally, the moment comes when we want to sell our stylish retro furniture - then their valuation keeps us awake at night. For people outside the industry who are not collectors of luxury furniture, it is difficult to realistically assess the origin, age and condition of antiques, as well as whether a piece of furniture has been renovated in the past - all of which affects the final price of the item. It is worth consulting professionals for this purpose - Artbidy specialists who deal with the valuation and sale of antique furniture come to the rescue. We cooperate with the best appraisers and experts in the field of antique sales, both in Poland and abroad.

The Artbidy auction house and art gallery is a place where you can exhibit works of art, such as paintings, sculptures or unique period furniture, and buy antiques online from a trusted source.

Why are antiques so valuable?

Antiques have great sentimental value. For many people, having such furniture can evoke memories of carefree childhood moments - about loved ones who have passed away, and for whom a given item was important. Souvenirs in the form of old furniture allow you to travel back in time to the old moments associated with a given antique and people who used it in the past.

In the past, antiques were mostly made by hand, which is why they are so unique and valuable on the old art market. Some have various special signs that distinguish them from other, ordinary furniture. In addition, such handicrafts are still gaining in value from year to year. Exclusive antique furniture is not only an excellent investment that gives a great profit prospect, but also extraordinary decorative elements of interior design.

Discover the unique offer of Artbidy antiques

The Artbidy auction house is also a platform for selling antique furniture and old and unique collector's items. Our qualified staff allows us to offer customers a full range of services: valuation of antiques, preparation for sale and listing at auctions, gathering people from the industry and the circle of interest in stylish retro furniture.

In Artbidy, apart from furniture, you will find original, restored items from different eras and interestingly arranged. A wide range of antiques and accessories, competent service of specialists in the industry and professional advice attract both experienced collectors and art experts, as well as all lovers of beauty who want to arrange the interiors of their homes in an original way.

Browsing through the offer of available furniture, you will certainly find antiques online, which will also perfectly fit into the stylish interiors of showrooms and offices, emphasizing the exclusive character of the place and creating a pleasant environment for people using the space.

If you are looking for interesting antique furniture and items from the past that will give a unique character to any room, the best offer of antiques awaits you at Artbidy. We specialize in the sale of original furniture with high decorative values, which carry unusual stories - check our offer of antiques online and find your dream piece of furniture "with a soul".