Investment in art - is it worth it?

Investing in art has become extremely popular in recent years - especially among the wealthy. Owning paintings or other works of art by famous artists is a relatively safe form of investing capital. In this type of investments, we can distinguish two strategies:

- Investing in works of famous artists,

- Investing in the works of young and little known artists.

In the first case, we are talking about a very reliable investment, which is associated with a high initial contribution and possible profit after at least a few years. The second strategy, on the other hand, is more risky, but may also be more profitable. The purchase of paintings by yet unknown artists may end in two ways, either they will not become known and the value of the paintings will remain or fall, or they will gain popularity and the value of the paintings will soar.

In both cases, appropriate knowledge and experience are required to make an investment profitable. Our team has them at their disposal, which is why we have created an investment advisory service especially for you.

Long experience in the market

We offer an investment advisory service in the field of art. We help both in the purchase and sale of paintings, graphics, photographs, jewelry, cars, collectibles, etc. We have many years of experience in working with art and we know how to invest in it to make it profitable. We will tell you about current trends, new, developing trends in art and the so-called safe havens, i.e. investments with a negligible level of risk. The experience we have allows us to effectively advise clients. We will adapt our service to your investment strategy, and in this way you will enrich your portfolio with a very attractive position, which are works of art.

Absolute specialists in their field

We know what we do and we know how to act to maximize our clients' profits. During the consulting service, our team of experts will help you choose an item from the auction offer in such a way that:

- was within the assumed budget,

- met your expectations in terms of aesthetics,

- he was distinguished by artistic craftsmanship,

- was a good investment that will bring you profit in the future.

We can also represent you at selected auctions and purchase works of art on your behalf. Once you become the owner of a given object, we will be happy to advise you on transporting it, displaying it or framing it. Contact us to find out more about this service.

Private sale transactions

We have prepared a special private sale service for art connoisseurs. If you want to purchase a specific object, and at the same time maintain full confidentiality of the transaction, we can obtain it on your behalf. During all the years of work, we have established a number of contacts that today help us effectively search for works of art ordered by the client. We invite you to contact our team who will tell you about current opportunities in the art market. We guarantee full anonymity.