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The beginnings of an art gallery

Our long history began in 2013. It was then that we decided to create the world's first online auction house and art gallery. This project was extremely ambitious, but we had a specific goal in mind. We wanted to spread art among people in Poland and around the world. In the past, art was available only in muses and art galleries. With the advent of the Internet, we have broken this barrier and made it possible to buy works of art from anywhere in the world.

Development and expansion of the offer

Over the next years of activity, we put emphasis on the continuous development of our offer. Today in our art gallery you can buy, among others sculptures, old, contemporary and new art, watches, vintage vehicles, graphics, photographs, crafts, design, collector's jewelry, antique real estate, illustrations, comics, posters, gemstones collectible items, collectible fashion, and NFT art.

Building relationships with clients has become an important element of our activity. We offer the possibility of selling art without commission and buying works in the gallery offer modes, as well as at auctions. This allowed us to create a customer base with whom we have been cooperating for years. We also sell private art for our clients, which includes objects from the so-called "quiet offer".

Introduction of services

In addition to sales, a few years ago we introduced many services related to the art market to our offer. Including: consulting, valuation, binding, maintenance, evaluation, inventory, transport, care, search for works on request, auctions of full collections, charity and educational campaigns, cooperation with foundations and preparation of industry texts on request. Such a comprehensive set of services allows us to operate on the art market with full professionalism.

Online store

In 2020, we undertook the project of creating an online store. Its offer includes primarily items related to art and the art market. Both specialized and slightly more affordable for beginner industry enthusiasts. Thanks to it, we fulfill our mission of disseminating art and educating about it. The online store was another important step in the development of the Artbidy art gallery.

Expanding the team

Along with the development of the art gallery, we are constantly expanding our team with the best specialists on the market. Among them there are, among others art dealers, conservators, art enthusiasts and art historians. We also work with external world-class appraisers. Thanks to this, our art gallery can provide services at the highest possible level and at the same time, if necessary, share knowledge with our clients.

The future of the art gallery

The art world is constantly evolving, and so are we. What will the future hold? We cannot say that. However, we can certainly assure you that our art gallery will be ready for it. We can't wait to see what new forms of artistic expression will emerge in the coming years and what names will become a permanent part of the history of art.