These Terms ("Terms") regulate the rules of using the website ("Website" or "Artbidy"). Persons registered on the Website ("Users") are obliged to accept the wording of the Terms and the Privacy Policy and respect their provisions. If you are a person who is not registered and you do not agree with the Terms and the Privacy Policy of the Website, please leave it. Artbidy reserves the right to amend the Terms. By continuing to use the Website and Services after making changes to these Terms, you accept them.

§1 Website Administrator (Acceptor)

1. The Website Administrator (Acceptor) of Artbidy is BDB Investments Łukasz Kuca, 96-100 Skierniewice, ul. Nowomiejska 9, NIP: 836-182-19-46,, +48 604 238 369.

§2 Types and scope of services provided electronically

1. These Terms cover the following Services ("Services") provided electronically:

a) Purchase and sale of works of art via the Website

b) Presentation of works of art via the Website

b) Purchase of books on the Website

c) Registration of Users for the purpose of buying or selling works of art and books

d) Sharing content by users in accordance with these Terms

e) Sending a newsletter containing content related to the Website

2. Due to the continuous development of the Services, their functional scope may change.

3. Information about modifications is published on Artbida's website and does not constitute a change to the Terms.

4. Artbidy reserves the right to limit or change the Services for a definite or indefinite period.

§3 Conditions for concluding and terminating contracts

1. Artbidy provides Services to its Users to the extent and under the conditions set out in these Terms.

2. From the moment of using a given Service, each User is obliged to comply with the provisions of these Terms.

3. These Terms constitute an integral part of contracts concluded by Artbidy with its Users for the provision of electronic services.

4. Everyone can read the content of these Terms before using the Services on the Website.

5. Commencement of using the relevant Service is tantamount to concluding an agreement with Artbidy for the use of a given Service.

6.The Service Provider processes the Customer's personal data necessary to establish, shape the content, amend or terminate the contract for the provision of services by the Service Provider and only for the proper performance of the Services, specified in these Terms, using for this purpose the personal data necessary for their implementation in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016. The personal data of the Service Recipient are processed in compliance with the security rules required by the above-mentioned regulation.

7. The Service Provider each time specifies the data that is necessary to provide a given Service by electronic means.

8. The User may resign from the Services at any time by sending an appropriate instruction to the address

9. The resignation referred to in par. 8, is tantamount to the termination of the contract for the provision of Services, however, it does not constitute the termination of other contracts.

§4 Use of services

1. The Artbidy website is available to Users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on all devices with Internet access. Artbidy reserves the right to interrupt access to the Artbidy Website due to the need to carry out periodic maintenance.

2. The user is obliged to comply with the prohibition of abusing electronic means of communication and providing the following content to Artbidy's ICT systems:

a) Disrupting the work or overloading Artbidy's IT systems or other entities directly or indirectly participating in the provision of electronic services,

b) violating the interests of third parties, generally accepted social norms or inconsistent with generally applicable laws.

3. Artbidy does not control the User's computer environment, however, it recommends that the User make sure before using the Artbidy Website that his computer environment is safe and compliant with the requirements. Artbidy is not responsible for the possible consequences of not following the above recommendations.

4. Artbidy also recommends using anti-virus programs. Artbidy is not responsible for the operation of any malicious programs (e.g. viruses) in the User's IT infrastructure.

5. In special cases affecting the security or stability of the ICT system, Artbidy has the right to temporarily cease or limit the provision of Services, without prior notification and without prior notification and carrying out works aimed at restoring the security and stability of the ICT system.

§5 Ownership

1. The content, pages and services of the Website are protected by Polish law and international intellectual property law, including copyright, trademarks, commercial services, moral law, the right to privacy and the right to image ("Intellectual property rights"). Artbidy and its Users retain all intellectual property rights to the published content. The user undertakes to respect these rights.

2. The User acknowledges that he does not acquire any property rights by using the Website, its content or any Services. The user is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding the use of the Website content.

§6 Website administration

1. Artbidy has the right to terminate, change, suspend or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, any aspect of the Website or Services at its own discretion without giving any reason.

2. Artbidy may also impose restrictions on certain functions and services or restrict access to some or all of the Website or Services without prior notice.

3.The User acknowledges that Artbidy may prevent him from using the Website and Services, cancel his registration, or prevent him from using the website's functions, without notifying him, if he has a reasonable belief that he has violated the provisions of these Terms or has violated Artbidy's rights or a third party. The user acknowledges that Artbidy will not bear any responsibility in this respect.

§7 Third Party Materials

1. Some content on the website is published by third parties. Such content does not necessarily reflect Artbidy's views or opinions. Artbidy is not responsible for the content published by Users. Artbidy does not guarantee their truthfulness and accuracy. Any reliance on content posted by third parties is at your own risk.

2. The website may contain links and references to external websites. Artbidy does not guarantee that the content of these pages is true, accurate, lawful and / or harmless. Artbidy does not guarantee that external websites will be free of viruses or that they will not adversely affect the User's computer. Any complaints or comments about any external site should be directed to its administrator or webmaster.

§8 Artbidy's rights to third party materials

1.By sending a message to Artbidy, sending files, images, text, data, content and other materials, or otherwise delivering them via or outside the Website, Artbidy is granted to Artbidy for the duration of the Website user, international, irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive , royalty-free license to use (including use for promotional and advertising purposes), copy, sublicense, adapt, distribute, reproduce, reproduce, transfer, modify, edit, create derivative works and any other use of any ideas and originally submitted materials for any purpose and in all methods known now or to be developed.
2. By using the Website, the User shall provide him with the rights to the materials provided to him and acknowledge that he will not receive any remuneration for them.
3. The User guarantees that he is the owner of all rights to the materials provided to the Website.

§9 Copyright Policy

1. Artbidy respects the intellectual property of others and requires you to do the same. Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), the text of which can be found on the United States Copyright Office website at, Artbidy will respond promptly to notices of alleged infringement copyright that has been duly notified to him. Artbidy will disable or delete the accounts of Users who infringe the copyright. If you believe that the content published on the Website has been copied in a way that infringes the copyright, please provide Artbidy with the following information:

a) Identify the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed, or, in case of multiple works, provide a list of these.

b) You should indicate the location of the material whose copyright has been infringed, and then indicate the place where it is located in Artbidy.

c) Provide your full name, postal address, telephone number and e-mail address.

The notification should include the following statements:
"I certify that the disputed use of the copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law (e.g. fair use)."
"I certify that the information in this notice is true and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner or an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed."

The notification containing all the above elements should be sent by e-mail to the address

Artbidy takes all such notices seriously, so the person submitting them may be liable for damages (including legal costs and court fees) if they falsely report that the content infringes copyright. Accordingly, if you are unsure whether the published material infringes your copyright, you can consult an attorney.

2. By using the Website, you acknowledge that Artbidy has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the materials posted on the Website at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion, in order to determine compliance with these Terms and any other regulations, rules, or guidelines. Regardless of this law, Artbidy does not review all materials posted on the Website. Artbidy reserves the right to edit, disclose, refuse to post, request removal or removal of any material, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion, without limitation, if necessary to exercise any law, at the request of government regulation or agency, or as required by at its sole discretion if such materials are inappropriate or violate these Terms. Artbidy shall not be liable to the Users or any other person or entity for the performance or non-performance of the above actions.

§10 Unlawful behavior of Users

1.Each of the following behavior is a violation of the Terms and may lead to blocking the use of the Website without prior notice:

a) Failure to respect the privacy or views of other users.
b) Using Artbidy for illegal purposes or to support any illegal activity.
c) Impersonating another person.
d) Sending spam.
e) Violation or misappropriation of the intellectual property rights of others.
f) Posting material that is obscene, defamatory, harmful, offensive, threatening or false.
g) Posting material that violates any law or regulation.

§11 The complaint procedure

1. The Customer may submit inquiries, comments and complaints related to the Services provided:

a) by phone: +48 604 238 369, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

b) by e-mail at the following address:

2. Inquiries, comments and complaints should include the name and surname and exact address of the person submitting the complaint, as well as a detailed description and reason for the complaint.

3. Consideration of inquiries, comments and complaints related to the provision of the Services takes place as soon as possible in an electronic, written or telephone form.

4. Refunds of amounts related to fees for the provision of Services are made on terms and conditions consistent with the applicable provisions of law. The reimbursement of amounts in the case of T-Pay electronic payments is made via the T-Pay channel. It is possible to individually agree on the method of payment return.

§12 List of goods and services for which accepting payments via the Website is prohibited

1. goods and services containing pornographic content, in particular relating to persons under the age of 15 and related to the use of violence and the use of animals;

2. gambling games organized in violation of the provisions of law in force in the Republic of Poland, in particular without an appropriate permit;

3. goods and services containing hate speech based on ethnic, racial, religious or philosophical grounds;

4. goods and services containing content that infringe the rights of third parties;

5. music, films, software or other goods and services that infringe intellectual property rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, patents and others;

6. chemicals;

7. drugs, psychoactive substances (including the so-called legal highs), prescription drugs and non-authorized medicinal products, paralytic products and dietary supplements;

8. explosives and pyrotechnics;

9. all types of weapons and ammunition, the possession of which requires a firearms license within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition;

10. human and animal organs and tissues;

11. counterfeit / falsified goods or services;

12. software designed to take actions that violate the law, good manners or principles of social coexistence;

13. databases, including personal data, address data, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and others.

§13 Final provisions

1. Artbidy reserves the right to amend the Terms for important reasons. Important reasons are:

    Introducing new legal regulations and repealing or changing legal regulations already in force

    Adaptation to the necessary changes made to the current Website

    Changes in Artbidy's offer

2. In the event of changes to the Terms, Artbidy shall notify all its Customers about the content of the changes with an appropriate message announced on the Website.

3. These Terms are available on the Artbidy Website.

4. Artbidy shall not be liable for any interruptions in the provision of the Services resulting from failures or malfunctions of ICT systems outside of Artbidy.

5. Artbidy shall not be liable for the inability to access the Services resulting from incorrect User registration.

6. Any disputes arising between the User and Artbidy in connection with the provision of Services via the Website will be settled by the courts appropriate for the seat of Artbidy.

7. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Act on copyright and related rights and the Civil Code shall apply.

8. Settlements of transactions by credit card and e-transfer are carried out via