In today's world, more and more sales are carried out via the Internet. Therefore, any artist or painting collector should be familiar with the issues of selling art online. Online resources contribute, among others, to the dissemination of various types of artworks not only in Poland, but also around the world.

Where to sell paintings?

The Internet allows artists to disseminate their works by reaching a wider audience and potential buyers. That is why it is worth selling your works through Artbida, where we offer auctions of high-quality paintings (hand-painted paintings on high-quality canvas, interesting collections of paintings that fit into the Scandinavian design, but also printed paintings and posters that can be an interesting interior decoration). We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of paintings in our gallery, where, apart from artworks by specialists and enthusiasts, you can find the latest works, modern paintings, abstract paintings and unique paintings by old artists.

Contemporary forms of modern paintings perfectly reflect the current life and the world around us. Most of these paintings will look great on a living room wall in a large house. The interiors gain a unique character thanks to the paintings - they are unique wall decorations that attract the eyes of guests. You can now check out the wide range of paintings perfect for various interiors, where you will find high-quality paintings that will delight both you and everyone who sees them in your home.

Benefits of selling paintings online

People who undertake interior design (e.g. looking for wall decorations for modern interiors) often hang elegant paintings on the walls - not only posters, but also hand-painted paintings. Online art galleries, such as Artbidy, are a great place where a wide selection of paintings is available (modern paintings, reproductions of paintings by famous artists or unique hand-painted paintings from local artists) and which bring together art lovers - both those who are looking for various types of paintings as well as those who sell their interesting paintings.

What are the advantages of listing paintings in the Artbidy online auction house?

How to legally sell your paintings?

Both beginner artists, as well as those more experienced and popular, can exhibit and sell their paintings and reproductions on the Artbidy website. In this way, a person is able to present them to the whole world. This gives a chance that in a short time someone looking for a beautiful painting can quickly notice and appreciate the author's work (be delighted with hand-painted pictures) and his great talent, nurtured and developed for many years.

It is enough to send a photo or scan of your art, necessarily in high quality, so that our team of specialists who evaluate stylish paintings can present the applicant with an attractive offer.

Who is selling art online suitable for?

An artist selling his works on the Internet (both modern paintings made in various techniques, collages and traditional hand-painted paintings) can be a master or a beginner. In this way, each of them has the same chance at Artbidy to popularize their works, gain recognition among recipients interested in, for example, hand-painted paintings and earn money on their work. Maybe someone who loves Scandinavian design will visit Artbidy, and your large picture in a modern style will perfectly match their needs for interior design? Perhaps not immediately, but after a few weeks your painted paintings for sale will make you stop being an anonymous creator?

Take advantage of the services offered by our online art gallery, among others:.

- amateur artists,

- collectors,

- art professionals,

- art students,

- people doing arts and crafts as a hobby.

Each of the people engaged in artistic activity and creating handicrafts can put their works for sale and make it a source of additional or main income. Artistic creation is now highly valued by a growing group of recipients who see artworks as a great idea for a gift for a loved one, a way to decorate the interiors of houses and apartments, as well as a type of capital investment (this usually applies to works by popular artists, unique pieces and old handicrafts ). So if you have artworks by other artists or you create them yourself - contact our specialists who will help you price them, frame them and reach a wide range of interested people (potential buyers).