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In today's world, online sales are more and more common. Therefore, every artist or collector of paintings should be aware of issues related to the sale of artworks over the Internet. Network resources contribute, inter alia, to the dissemination of various types of artworks not only in Poland, but also around the world.

Where to sell paintings?

The Internet allows artists to disseminate their artworks by reaching a wider audience and potential buyers.

It's worth selling your art on Artbidy's website. In the offer of our auction house, in addition to selling artworks by specialists and enthusiasts, you can find the latest, contemporary and old paintings.

Modern paintings perfectly emphasize the current life and the world around us. They will be suitable as paintings for the living room. Abstract paintings, which emphasize the style and character of the rooms, are also interesting.

The benefit of selling paintings online

These are among others:

How to legally sell your paintings?

Beginning artists and those more experienced and recognized can exhibit and sell their artworks on Artbidy's website. In this way a given person is able to present them to the whole world. Someone may quickly notice and appreciate the author's effort and his great talent, nurtured and developed over many years.

Just send a high-quality photo or scan of your art.

Who is online sales of art suitable for?

An artist selling his artworks on the Internet can be a master as well as a beginner. He can sell paintings on canvas, oil paintings and gain popularity for his artworks this way.

The services offered by the online art gallery can be used, among others: