The artist's profession involves a constant need to take up new challenges and face risk. In addition to the challenges directly related to creative work, art people must also take into account the issues of fundraising for artistic projects, the requirements of the marketing market and the dynamic changes taking place on the art market. At Artbidy, we know how difficult it is to reconcile creative work with activities in the areas of marketing, business and PR, therefore our offer includes services dedicated to artists.

Cooperation with patrons and cultural institutions

At Artbidy, you can count on comprehensive support. Starting from the basic issues, which are funds for project implementation. It is one of the most difficult challenges faced by artists in the realities of today's market. There are many programs supporting the activities of creators, but they are highly diversified. It is important to know the financing options that are suited to your area of operation. As an auction house, we are in constant cooperation with art patrons and cultural institutions that run programs and competitions. In practice, this means that after reviewing your portfolio, we will be able to put you in touch with the most appropriate institution, organization or person that may become a sponsor of your future artistic activities.

Building the artist's image and promoting works

As part of the cooperation, we attach great importance to building the image of the artist. Today's realities clearly show that reliable and consistent building of your character on the art scene translates directly into visibility among potential recipients. In addition to organizing stationary exhibitions, preparing promotional materials and contact with the media, we focus on promoting works in the online space. Today's virtual world has become no less important. At Artbidy, we try to research all trends, but we know that in the multitude of new opportunities, it is equally important to select only those that can realistically help artists in their career development and gain a wider audience. We will select the type and channels of promotion adequate to your work.

Market consultation

Art is a unique field and this means that its market can also be a mystery for its participants - we will help you to unravel it. Any action that is aimed at the most favorable appearance on the market cannot take place in isolation from its principles. Therefore, by using our offer, you can be sure that, based on many years of experience, we will make the best moves on the market for you. We make a valuation of works that will meet the market requirements and will be satisfactory for you. We also advise you on what steps you can take to ensure your career development while maintaining the profile of your artistic activity.