We have many years of experience in operating on the art market. This is a job that we approach with full respect and professionalism. We constantly strive for the perfection of the services we provide, thanks to which we have managed to win a place among the top of the most popular auction houses in Poland. Among our wide offer, collection auctions are of particular importance to us.

Cataloging as an introduction to the auction of a collection of artworks

Every year our experts acquire, catalog and evaluate hundreds of art objects. Thanks to this, we have the knowledge and skills that we use when organizing all kinds of events. One of them is the collection action, i.e. an event devoted exclusively to one art collection.

Preparation of the auction of the art collection in full scope

The auction of the collection is always an extremely important experience for us. We approach each of them with full commitment - from the preparation stage to the summary stage. Before the auction, we create a high-quality catalog and take photos of individual objects from the collection. We also deal with promotion, thanks to which the information about the auction has a chance to reach a wide group of potential customers - including famous personalities in the world of art. The auctions we organize are widely commented and regularly gain publicity among the largest Polish media and enthusiasts. We organize them both at the request of private and institutional collectors.

Advantages of auctioning an art collection

Why is it worth organizing dedicated collection auctions when selling a collection? Because the entire media envelope that creates increases publicity. People who normally would not be aware that they have the opportunity to purchase works from the collection learn about the action. Let's face it - art can be really expensive, so the more people learn about the action, the greater the chance of selling the collection. The popularity of this type of action is evidenced by the popularity of the service among our clients. Their group is constantly expanding, and because you value professionalism, they most often stay with us for longer.

Professional auctions of art collections

How to increase the chance of a collection auction success? First of all - it is worth making the collection consistent. These can be, for example, objects from one historical period, or the work of one artist. The field for interpretation is quite wide, the most important thing is to come up with an idea. Second - marketing. In practice, this is the most important element of the auction, without a good promotion plan the chances of success decrease drastically. We prepare such a plan, but we are always open to additional ideas of our clients. Third - good technical condition. Before the sale begins, it is worth renovating those works of art that require it. The good technical condition of the facilities will attract more customers. If necessary, we offer a maintenance consultation service.

If you want to cooperate with us by organizing such an auction, please contact us. We will tell you more about the organization of the event and prepare a preliminary cost estimate and promotion plan. All necessary contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.