In recent years, art has become really fashionable - especially in the context of interior design. We are aware that this market is changing very dynamically and we have decided to follow these changes. That is why our offer includes a number of services dedicated to interior designers. We especially value long-term cooperation with benefits for both parties.

Commission-based cooperation with architects

Constant cooperation with our auction house guarantees a number of tangible benefits. In this way, we can attract new customers, and architects, in turn, receive commissions for works of art purchased from us by their clients. In this way, we all gain, and especially art gains. The commission system is highly appreciated by the architects with whom we currently cooperate, so if you want to establish business relations, please contact us.

Discounts for architects

As part of cooperation with interior designers, we also offer numerous discounts, thanks to which their clients can get art at an extremely attractive price. These are much better prices than we normally offer in our auction house, which is why such cooperation simply pays off. The discounts are not permanent and their amount depends on many factors, but we can assure you that we care about our contractors, because they always receive the best possible deals.

Assistance in the selection of art for architectural and interior designs

Interior design and broadly understood art often cross their paths. Therefore, using our knowledge and experience, we will help you choose the right works of art for a given interior in such a way that they match the color and style. We can present some of our own concepts and rely on the guidelines provided by the architect or directly from the client. We have already had the opportunity to create dozens of such projects, and our clients are always satisfied.

Visualizations and preparation of plans

The development of computer technology made it possible to create very detailed visualizations and renderings in an extremely short time. After receiving photos of the interior and some information about its dimensions, we will prepare a visualization and a plan to spoil the works of art. It is actually a ready-made design that can be directly proposed to the client for his evaluation. Visualization allows you to see what the end result will look like - thanks to which the customer does not buy the so-called cat in a poke. After receiving positive feedback about the submitted plan, you can immediately proceed to the transaction stage.

Art is a fantastic complement to the interior, and we help to implement such ideas to the full extent. Cooperation with us means access to the highest quality works of art at very attractive prices. We value contacts with clients and guarantee long-term and fruitful cooperation. Please feel free to contact us. All the necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.