About the department

Carl Benz is believed to be the designer of the first car. In 1885, he built a three-wheeled vehicle powered by a single-cylinder engine. This event marked the beginning of the automotive revolution that completely changed our world. This is evidenced by, inter alia, the fact that the Benz patent from 1886 was entered on the international UNESCO list of the most valuable documents - the Memory of the World. Since then, traveling has become much easier, and the car has become an icon of freedom in less than 140 years.

Historic vehicles are characterized by unprecedented values, both aesthetic and historical. They are a kind of museum exhibits that can be successfully used for everyday driving. They are a testament to the development of the automotive industry over these 140 years. Collectors hunt for objects of this type, which are in good condition, because cars become classics relatively quickly - even in 30-40 years. Of course, in this way, they instantly gain value. That is why an investment in vintage vehicles that are valuable today can be extremely promising and will probably pay off in the future.

Auctions of cars and vintage vehicles

The Department of Vintage Vehicles coordinates auctions organized by us, where you can purchase unique collector's cars. Our offer includes vintage vehicles, incl. brands such as Porsche, Mercedes and Maserati. We are particularly interested in vintage cars in very good condition and with a substantial, documented history. We are constantly expanding our offer for customers, so you can expect an even greater selection of unique vintage vehicles in the future.

Collecting vintage cars

A car is the most mechanically advanced thing that has been made available to the average person. It is one of the symbols of freedom because it has enabled people to travel great distances in a relatively short time. The independence that cars gave us has become an integral part of our modern Western culture. Vintage cars, on the other hand, are characterized by a certain "severity" in relation to those produced today. They do not have many amenities and facilities, which makes driving such a vehicle a completely different experience. The appearance of vintage cars is also completely different from what the current automotive industry offers us. Of course, it largely depends on a given time period, but it is safe to say that it was characterized, among others, by sharp angles, large engines and a total neglect of the aerodynamics of the body. Despite these shortcomings, classic vintage vehicles are in demand all over the world.

If you have any questions about our auctions or the offer of vintage vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to provide any answers. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.