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About the department

Sometimes it happens that the auctions we organize do not fit into the standard thematic framework of individual departments. A special auctions department was created for such special tasks. He is responsible for coordinating exceptional events that are characterized by a unique offer and purpose. You can buy rare collectibles on them, as well as valuable works of art. They can be single objects as well as a set of thematic items. Although these are episodic events, our regular as well as new clients are very eager to take part in them.

Unique art auctions

Special auctions include unique events, such as: charity auctions, collection auctions, thematic and monographic auctions, auctions of one object. We organize them as soon as such an opportunity arises or when we receive such an order from the client. We have had the opportunity to organize such events many times and they have always aroused great interest. We cordially invite you to co-create with us new interesting events in the world of art. We will be happy to consider any ideas for thematic auctions, charity auctions, etc., just contact us about it.

Charity auctions are of particular importance to us, the income from which is allocated for specific purposes. In this way, we help raise funds, for example, for the renovation of historic architectural structures. We do not rule out organizing charity actions for other purposes in the future. Such events are a fantastic way to promote art and support our key issues at the same time.

Charity art auctions, single art auctions, and much more

At the special auctions and charity campaigns we organize, as well as at the cyclical ones, you can buy extremely interesting and valuable collectors' items and works of art. We select them according to the subject of the auction, thanks to which our clients receive a special offer. Objects and works of art may come from different historical periods - it all depends on a specific event. Before the auction, we provide all information about the objects that will be on it. We want bidders to have access to all information about the auctioned items.

On our website you will find all the information about past and scheduled special auctions. It is worth following this information on a regular basis, because very often you can bid for real gems that will enrich your collection. At these events, we do not limit ourselves in any way to the subject of the auctioned items, so there can sometimes be really surprising items that cannot be auctioned in any other way.

If you have any questions regarding special auctions organized by us or items that are included in such an auction, please contact us. Our team will be happy to provide any answers. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.