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About the department

Newest art has not been precisely defined, but the term is customary to include works created in the last 30 years or so. This trend can be characterized as constant experimenting with an idea and a form. The newest art is in no way limited by any rules or applicable canons - there is complete freedom in expressing artistic thought in it. It is currently the leading art trend that is constantly evolving. This development is conditioned, inter alia, by the growing income of Poles.

Features of newest art

Artworks of the newest art are of particular interest to collectors and new art recipients. This is due in particular to very attractive prices. Artists who are just gaining a reputation in the art market usually do not charge high fees for their works. Thanks to this, having a small budget, you can buy real white crows. Moreover, by investing in works of modern art, there is a chance that the young artist will achieve great success in the future, and that his early works will become extremely valuable. That is why experienced art collectors constantly follow the works of new artists and at the same time look for opportunities to buy.

Newest art auctions

The Department of Newest Art coordinates and organizes auctions where you can purchase works of modern art. We have already had the opportunity to sell the works of the most talented artists of the young generation, and among the works of such names as: Viola Tycz, Dariusz Ślusarski, Alen Kopera, Roch Urbaniak, Andrzej Cybura, Łukasz Stokowski, Urszula Tekieli, Paweł Porada, Natalia Biegańska, Robert Kuta, Krzysztof Żyngiel, Wojciech Brewka, Jacek Malinowski, Adam Bakalarz, Michał Cygan and Szymon Kaczmarek. Without a shadow of a doubt, these are artists who are taking the contemporary art market by storm. By investing in their work, we all contribute to the development of Polish culture, so we strongly encourage you to follow the auctions we organize.

Modern art, young art or new art - all these names mean one thing. The complete artistic freedom of young minds who experiment and follow directions in art that have not been explored so far. When looking for unusual compositions, ideas or inspiration, it is worth getting acquainted with the works of the young generation, because they constantly surprise. They often touch upon the problems of the present world, in the form of consumerism, technological rush, or the blurring of identity due to progressing globalism. It is an extremely valuable prospect, and due to many great young artists in Poland, we have the opportunity to draw handfuls of it. Of course, healthy and constructive criticism must not be forgotten, as it can help them achieve further successes - even international ones.

If you have any questions about the newest works of art or the auctions we organize, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to provide any answers. All necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.

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