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Art auctions – Paintings sale

If you're interested in the best art auctions, you've come to the right place. At, we organize image auctions that meet all - even the most demanding - expectations of our customers. We provide professional organization and service of transactions, valuation made by an experienced expert, and even the ability to track current transactions thanks to access to a database of facilities, artists and producers. All this is a guarantee of achieving the highest profit from the transaction made through our auction house.

Art auctions organized by professionals

Why is Artbidy unique and unique on the art market? We use an innovative business model that allows us to sell images without charging a commission from the creators. In addition, the art auctions that we conduct are prepared by us in a comprehensive manner. This means that by the professional sale of paintings we also understand their photographing, conservation, inventory, binding, preparation of documents proving their authenticity, promotion, and ultimately - successful and efficient finalization of the transaction. We can boast about a dozen thematic auctions organized during the year. Each of these events has not only commercial but also cultural value. All of them are of course framed by cooperation with respected media patrons and brands known in the environment, thanks to which they arouse interest and attract the attention of many people. Such comprehensively prepared art auctions will promote your creativity, and at the same time will allow you to obtain the market value of the objects you sell.

All paintings auctions and more in a convenient calendar

On our website, there is a convenient paintings auction calendar and more, through which you can find out about our future events as well as those organized in the past. As you will see, their diversity is huge, which proves our extensive experience, knowledge and industry knowledge that will help your works to reach satisfactory prices. On the site, you also have access to view the lists of objects that will be put on display at the upcoming auctions of artworks. Among the numerous artists, their works and estimates, your creativity can also hang, which will surely quickly reach the right audience and find its place on Earth. Our experienced employees watch over not only the artists selling their artworks, but also the people who came into the possession of collectors' items or works of art. The creativity at your disposal may be worth much more than you can imagine. Through our website, you can contact us, and a team of experts will comprehensively examine the object you are interested in selling. We will try to determine the period of its creation and author. Then we will assess the state of preservation and, of course, subject the artwork to a detailed valuation based on all the information provided. Finally, we will help you choose the appropriate sales mode among those at our disposal.

Art auctions aren't just about selling paintings

Our art auctions are an important event, of course, not only for artists and people selling objects, but also for customers interested in buying. Our offer is regularly used by art lovers, who are waiting for hundreds of unique collectors' items. All of them are subject to the lowest auction commission. Additionally, we offer a triple standard of authentication - as the only auction house in the world. We can present the facilities that we have to you both in the office and even in your home, taking care of your highest comfort and convenience. We organize not only paintings auctions, but also crafts, design and jewelry, so our extremely rich offer will undoubtedly contain something that will interest you and will perfectly match your style. To participate in the event, log in to your user account on our website, place an offer, place an auction order with a limit or take part in an art auction via a telephone auction. Thanks to this, unique, original objects at attractive prices will be in your hands very quickly.