Why buy at

Artbidy is the world's first online auction house. Our offer includes several thousand selected collectors' items. Our business model allows us to sell works of art with the lowest auction commission. As the first auction house in the world, we introduced the standard of triple authentication for all items on offer. We are the only auction house and gallery that offers presentations of all the objects on offer in your home or office. During 8 years of operation, we have been trusted by several thousand collectors, investors and art enthusiasts.

Buying at auctions

Artbidy organizes several auctions annually, including auctions of newest, contemporary and old art, auctions of jewelery, crafts and design. During the auction, you can place bids in person by logging into your user account. In addition, it is possible to bid without registration by placing an auction order with a limit or a telephone auction.

Private purchase

Thanks to many years of relationships with collectors, we have hundreds of unique works of art in our non-public offer. We sell privately (so-called "silent"), offering search for objects on request.


Payments for objects or books purchased via the website are made using PayPal and PayU systems, which enables payment by online transfer, card or BLIK.

There is a possibility of payment upon receipt of the objects from our headquarters.

Pickup and shipment

Items can be picked up at the seat of the Artbidy auction house in Warsaw at ul. Kochanowskiego 12C / 8 within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the payment.

There is also a possibility of delivery of purchased objects. The cost of delivery is subject to individual valuation.

We are characterized by the standard of triple confirmation of the authenticity of objects. In addition to the auction house certificate, we also provide author's certificates with the objects, written confirmations of artists, approvals from experts and experts, as well as confirmations of families and heirs.

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