Social and artistic sensitivity is a message that constantly accompanies us during the activities of our auction house. We are aware that many important matters require funding. That is why we try to support numerous charity initiatives, including by organizing special events, the purpose of which is to collect funds for specific purposes.

Organization of charity events

We offer a comprehensive service of organizing all kinds of charity events. The purpose of such an event may, for example, support artistic achievements, save people's health, save animals. We are open to any other ideas that will support matters important for the world and art. We can propose some of our own ideas and plan everything according to the guidelines provided by the client. We specialize in organizing charity auctions, during which we put the donated art objects up for auction and donate the income to a specific purpose.


We have already had the opportunity to organize charity events and campaigns many times. One of them was the charity auction for the renovation of Wojciech Fangor's "Plejada" plafond, which took place in September and October 2020. The auction includes 30 works by artists who have taken part in exhibitions organized in Fangorówka in the last three decades. Artists who donated their paintings include: Anna Buczkowska, Józef Wilkoń, Magdalena Shummer-Fangor, Jolanta Caban, Iwona Ostrowska, and Paweł Górski. The entire action allowed to collect the required funds for the renovation of the plafond, thanks to which it will be able to please the visitors with its presence for the next several dozen years.

It is worth supporting good causes

Certain areas of life, art objects, or just people need support. The world has been constructed in such a way that money can solve a lot of problems. There is a fairly wide culture of helping in Poland, and we want to contribute to this by supporting the organization of such initiatives. Why is it worth helping? Thanks to this, we make the world of art and our country a better place. In addition to the organization itself, we also deal with promotion and acquiring sponsors. This allows more people to hear about the event and support the goal by bidding on items.

We have many contacts in the art world, which allows us to effectively acquire objects for auction. Artists are usually generous people who are happy to support noble initiatives by donating their works. We help to reach them, thanks to which the whole project can be more successful.

The charity campaigns we organize are popular with both the media and customers. If you want to cooperate in creating such an initiative, please contact us. Our team will provide all necessary information about the available infrastructure and potential dates. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.