Works of art are extremely valuable items, the value of which often exceeds hundreds of thousands or even millions of zlotys. Therefore, activities such as transport or storage should be carried out in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. They often require infrastructure that is not available to everyone. That is why we have created a number of services for art collectors at extremely attractive prices, i.e. transport of works of art, storage of works of art and insurance of works of art.


Transporting works of art is a really big logistical challenge. Adequate security measures are essential to avoid damage to objects during the journey. Correct documentation is also important, which is required when transporting art abroad. We decided to meet the expectations of our customers and created a service that makes the transport of works of art as easy as never before. Of course, our art transport service is possible both in Poland and around the world. All you need to do is contact us on this matter and we will prepare a cost estimate, plan and documents.


Works of art are very delicate items. Decades-old or even older frames, canvases and paints are more and more exposed to damage with the passage of time. That is why their storage requires appropriate knowledge and conditions. It is important because these objects may deteriorate in an unfavorable environment. When storing works of art, appropriate humidity, temperature and lighting are essential.

Therefore, we offer a service of storing works of art in specially adapted rooms. We have extensive storage areas that have been adapted to store works of art in appropriate conditions. The rooms have the latest generation security, which makes the objects stored in them safer than anywhere else.


There are various unpredictable situations in life. As human beings, we do everything we can to avoid these, but we cannot prevent everything. This is why insurance for works of art is so important. The value of these items means that one mishap could result in the loss of a great deal of money - not to mention artistic or historical value.

We offer insurance of works of art on very favorable terms. It may include cases of damage, fire, flooding, theft, etc. The whole offer is agreed individually with each client.

Our offer includes a number of comprehensive services that have been created for owners of works of art. Our knowledge and experience allow us to transport art, store art and insure art with the utmost care. If you want to cooperate, please contact us. All contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.