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Home sculptures are an increasingly popular decorative element. If you want to buy something for yourself or would like to sell your artwork, be sure to visit Artbidy's auction house.

Where to sell sculptures?

Today it is not enough just to create a sculpture, you also need to know where it can be exhibited, where to sell and how to do it. Fortunately, today we have much greater access to technology that can facilitate these tasks. All you need is a bit of willingness and time.

Apart from the traditional form of selling your artworks through an auction house, there is also another way. The sale of sculptures is very affordable nowadays, mainly thanks to the Internet. Auction houses such as Artbidy offer, among other things:

How to legally sell your sculptures?

Since 2018, it is possible to run a business without having to register it. This form of business can be chosen by people whose monthly income from the sale of handicrafts does not exceed 50% of the minimum wage.

However, if you do not sell on a continuous basis, you do not need to start a business, and the sale of each of your artworks will be subject to income tax - unless you own the work for more than 6 months, then you do not have to pay income tax. You can also use the help of Artbidy's auction house.

Where can you exhibit your sculptures?

In the past, to see a famous sculpture or painting, you had to go to a gallery or museum. Now, thanks to technological development, there are more options to share your art with a wider audience, such as your own blog, website or even social media. There are also online galleries and auction houses such as Artbidy.

Why is it worth using Artbidy?

Artbidy has been operating since 2013 as the world's first online auction house. Today, it is one of the main auction houses in Poland, which successfully continues its mission of promoting art, including sculptures, antiques and paintings. Artbidy has been cooperating with the best appraisers and experts in the field of art, both in Poland and abroad.

Where to buy sculptures?

In addition to websites, sculptures can be purchased in art galleries. There are also many shops with such items, although these are more small gifts than monumental sculptures that can be placed in the living room or garden.

There are many options for both purchasing sculptures and putting your artworks up for auction. You can do it in many ways - you just need to choose the method to your preferences. If you feel better on the Internet and auctions and are familiar to you, use websites and auction houses such as Artbidy - a solution that ensures security and anonymity.