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As one of the largest auction houses in Poland, we are to some extent responsible for the development of art in our country. It is especially important in the case of the younger generation, because the future of art depends on it. That is why in our offer we have created a number of services whose task is to promote its essence among young people.

Art workshops

Nothing engages young people as much as the possibility of creating something on their own. Art workshops are the perfect way to introduce them to various creative techniques, such as painting, sculpture, etc. We will teach them basic ways to express themselves artistically. We can assist in the organization of such an undertaking according to specific guidelines provided by you. Professional space and friendly service will make workshop participants remember this day for a long time.

Organization of art competitions

The spirit of competition always motivates to action - especially young people. We offer the organization of all kinds of competitions, during which participants can demonstrate their artistic talent. It can be, for example, a competition in creating a replica of a famous work of art, but it all depends on the idea. We can come up with something interesting or undertake a task according to specific assumptions.

Art exhibitions

Our offer also includes the possibility of organizing a special exhibition for works created by the youngest. The presence of their works in a real auction house is usually quite an experience. Especially that parents can also come and admire their work. This way, little artists will gain their first experience of presenting their art to others.

Polish lessons within the walls of the auction house

During the lessons of the Polish language or knowledge about culture in subsequent literary epochs, teachers discuss the art characteristic of a given period. What if you do this art lesson while having real works of art in front of you? We know from our own experience that it is much more exciting than traditional lessons and that the students listen more carefully. We will help you organize this type of initiative - just contact us.

Other services

Bearing in mind the good of artistic education, we are open to all kinds of ideas regarding this type of initiative. After the initial consultation of the idea, we will be happy to organize such events. We have large spaces, thanks to the form and number of people in most cases do not limit us. Just contact us about it.

It is difficult to expect a bright future for art if we do not teach it to young people today. This is a huge part of Polish culture and although it is talked about in schools, nothing communicates knowledge as well as direct contact with art. That is why the artistic education of new generations is an indispensable investment that we constantly strive to support. If you want to cooperate in organizing an action in the field of artistic education, please contact us.