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Nowadays, more and more aspects of life are being digitized. With easy access from anywhere in the world and the simple way of using online tools, there is a lot of benefits in moving to the online world, also in the field of art. 

In Artbidy we offer professional tokenization of artworks. What is tokenization? It is nothing else than converting a physical object into a token – its digital version, which can then be managed thanks to the advanced blockchain technology. Works of art by taking the form of tokens become digital assets that are assigned to a specific person or company. They can be freely traded; token sale and purchase transactions have many advantages for both creators and investors. 

Tokenization of artworks with Artbidy

We offer professional photographic documentation of any object that will be used to create a token - a digitized version of the work. It will be available on our website in an innovative gallery of 3D tokens, where you can freely browse the NFT artworks available in Artbidy. It is also possible to create a wallet to conveniently transfer your tokens.

A new model for artwork monetization

The sale and purchase of tokens can involve either all or a part of an artwork. When investing in a part of an online object, the costs are reduced, democratizing the art market. On the other hand, the value of, for example, a digitized painting or a graphic piece can significantly increase in the future, contributing to the increase of wealth. With the help of our team, conducting a transaction is an easy and successful process. Information about all operations is stored as dedicated records in smart contracts, which automatically document the course of any operations related to the artwork. Transparent, decentralized blockchain technology ensures transaction security, minimizing the risk of theft or forgery. Resale commission and droit de suite details are also included.

As a well-established online auction house and art gallery with countless positive reviews from our clients and customers, we guarantee token promotion on our website. As an artist, collector, or investor you can be sure that the work you place in our Gallery will be professionally displayed in the 3D token gallery. 

We can provide advice on transactions with our expert knowledge and experience. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about digitizing works of art - we will be happy to answer your message and meet all your expectations.