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As we are one of the largest auction houses in Poland, the development of art is extremely important to us. So far, we have supported it in various forms - and now we want to contribute to it by supporting the activities of museums in many areas. That is why we have created a number of services dedicated exclusively to such facilities.

Acquiring artworks for temporary exhibitions

During many years of operation on the market, we have established numerous contacts that allow us to effectively acquire works of art for museum collections. Temporary exhibitions are a fantastic way to promote art that we usually have no contact with, which is why we are happy to support such initiatives. We can help in obtaining works from the Polish and foreign market.

Acquiring sponsors

For years, we have been cooperating with private individuals and companies that actively operate on the art market by sponsoring various types of initiatives. We mediate in obtaining funds for museum purposes, such as, for example, a temporary exhibition or the purchase of a single object. We are very effective in this, so if you have problems finding sponsors, please contact us.


The art market can be brutal, and most often it is the case that those who have more financial resources can afford the best works of art. We would like to change this, and that is why the representatives of museums during our auctions have the right to pre-purchase the works they wish to obtain for museum collections. Thanks to this, it is much easier and cheaper for museums to enrich their collections with new acquisitions.


We also offer a brokerage service in exchanging or buying private deposits. We can support the organization of a temporary exhibition with objects borrowed from private collectors. We have many valuable contacts that can definitely facilitate museums' access to private collections around the world.

Valuations of artworks

We work with eminent experts in the field of art, so we can help you evaluate the market value of a specific object or estimate the approximate amount of insurance. The same goes for entire collections. Our quotes are accurate and detailed - just contact us.

Charity work

We have many years of experience in organizing charity auctions for good causes devoted to art. We will be happy to help organize such an event for a museum designed to support Polish art. If you want to organize such an auction, please contact us.

By acquiring works of Polish old and contemporary art, we cooperate with museums around the world. We offer comprehensive services in the field of brokerage and care for works of art, thanks to which we are proud to support Polish museums. If you want to use such services, please contact us. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the contact tab.