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At, we deal with the professional valuation of artworks, as well as their conservation and framing, which are performed by our experienced team. We guarantee you a fully individual approach, based on our many years of activity in the industry and the artistic environment. You can count on our help, as well as professional support and advice in every situation. Our offer is extremely rich and comprehensive - when you turn to us, you get full support at every stage of managing the artwork you want to sell. Whether you are a private art lover or an institutional investor, you will surely find the support you need with us.

Professional valuation of artworks

Our team includes professionals who have been involved in the valuation of artworks for many years and are ready to take on any challenge. Thanks to this, you can count on the valuation of individual paintings and even entire collections - both private and institutional. You will also receive from us a detailed, written description of the valuation, to which professionally made photos will be attached. With their help, you will be able to, for example, easily transport works across borders or use them for other civil and legal activities.

We offer an individual quote for each artwork with which you apply from us. What's more, when contacting us, you will also have a preliminary valuation at your disposal, which allows you to save time. In her case - based on the descriptions and photos you send us - we will try to initially estimate the value of the image. It is only up to you to decide what to do with this fact, although on our part you will be able to count on support and professional advice.

Valuation of paintings, as well as their conservation and framing

At Artbidy, we not only deal with the valuation of paintings, but also with their conservation. This is an extremely responsible task that requires great precision and skills. Our experienced team, however, has the necessary knowledge and workshop to take on any challenge. Entrust us with the artwork you have, and you will avoid any risk of destroying it. We are not afraid of working with even the most delicate things, and over the years we have had the opportunity to work with dozens of extremely demanding or expensive objects.

Our professionalism in this field can be confirmed by dozens of satisfied customers. We will make your painting regain its former, unique glow, and you will not pay a fortune for it - each service is priced individually. We deal with both ancient and contemporary art objects, and even graphics, photographers and artworks made on paper. So you can be sure that you will find the professional help you need.

Among our services, right next to the valuation of the paintings, there is also their framing. It is the excellent quality frame that will give your artwork a remarkable, original character and a unique look. Make sure it is made of the best materials and looks perfect - let Artbidy make it so. Our team of specialists will select the best frame for your artwork, which will perfectly display it. For our clients, we have already dealt with both frames characterized by minimalism and copies richly decorated and sophisticated. So you can be sure that we will also find something perfect for you.

Trust our paintings valuations and other services we offer

Contact us and see what a professional approach to art-related topics is. We will take care of the maintenance, valuation of the artwork you own, as well as its framing. You will get full support from us in terms of buying and selling paintings and more. Artbidy's many years of experience are a guarantee of satisfaction with all the effects of our activities. is a brand that we have been developing for years. The valuation of artworks is just the beginning of our diverse offer. Come to our website and see how much we have to offer for you - whether you are an artist, collector, architect or other important member of the art market. We will do everything to adapt to your expectations and needs, which will be confirmed by all our satisfied customers.