At the auction house, we deal with professional valuation of artworks, as well as binding and conservation of artworks, which are performed by our experienced team. We guarantee you a fully individual approach, based on our many years of activity on the art market and in the artistic environment. With us you can count on help, as well as professional support and advice in every situation. Our offer is extremely rich and comprehensive - turning to us, you get full support at every stage of managing the work you want to sell. Whether you are a private art lover or an institutional investor, you are sure to find the support you need with us.

Professional valuation of artworks

In our team we have art experts who have been dealing with the valuation of artworks for many years and are ready to take on any challenge. As part of the services of the Artbidy auction house, we offer the valuation of individual paintings and even entire collections - both private and institutional. Each client who decides to have a painting or other artworks valued, additionally receives from us a painting valuation document with a detailed description of the market value of the work, to which we attach professional photos. Thanks to this, you can, for example, easily transport a given artwork across borders or use it in other civil law activities.

In addition to art auctions, we can carry out an expert opinion on the work you submit to us: we will verify the authenticity of the painting, trace the history of the work and try to determine when the work was made, if it is not obvious. What's more, by contacting us, you can also opt for an express initial valuation of the work, which saves you some time. In the case of online valuation of paintings - based on the descriptions and photos you send us - we will try to initially estimate the value of the painting. It will be up to you to decide what to do with the online valuation of the work - you can count on our support and professional advice.

How to price a painting at Artbidy?

To take advantage of the online art appraisal offer, you need to provide us with good quality photos of the front and back of the painting, but accurate photos of the possible signature are very important, which will help to check the authenticity of the work. Thanks to the photos of the painting made available to our art experts, painting experts will be able to take a preliminary look at the work and make an initial valuation of the painting. For our clients who want to check the value of a painting or discuss the valuation of a collection of paintings, we also enable personal consultations with specialists after making an appointment.

For the valuation of artworks, we usually invite you to our auction house - the valuation of the painting should be done with great concentration and without haste, after direct contact of specialists with the work. Therefore, we encourage customers who require an painting quote to deliver items to our gallery. On site, the artwork will be checked by a team of experts in the valuation of the work, including painting conservators, appraisers and art historians. Once the authenticity of the artwork and its value has been finally confirmed, the appraisers will prepare a written valuation of the work, based on the current quotations on the art market. The cost of the painting valuation is always determined individually, while the free valuation of paintings includes artworks for sale, exhibited at Artbidy auctions.

When is it worth checking the value of a artwork?

All works have sentimental value, but artworks also have historical value and are valued objects among collectors. Therefore, having some works in your private collection, it is good to know, for example, the value of your paintings, because it may turn out that they will be a great investment of capital and the possibility of its payment in the event of selling the works at auctions.

In addition, the valuation of the painting allows you to solve many private matters, e.g. it may prove to be extremely important in the case of a court hearing regarding the division of property or inheritance, and will be necessary if you want to insure a artwork.

In the written valuation of a work, it is also important that this document cannot be a substitute for an expert opinion and the valuation of paintings does not include confirmation of the authenticity of the work. It is worth remembering, however, that at Artbidy we undertake both professional valuation of artworks and verification of the authorship of paintings. And knowledge about the history of a given work, its date of creation and author is important information for the owner of the item, especially if he plans to put the work up for sale in the future and would like to know whether the price obtained is fair and coincides with the market price of the artwork.

Conservation, framing and professional valuation of paintings

At Artbidy, we deal not only with estimating the value of a artwork, but also with its conservation. This is an extremely responsible task that requires great precision and skill. Our experienced team, however, has the necessary knowledge and skills to professionally perform such a service, without the risk of damaging the work. We work even during the conservation of the most delicate items on the art market - over the years we have had the opportunity to protect hundreds of extremely demanding or expensive items.

Our professionalism in this field can be confirmed by dozens of satisfied customers. We will make your paintings of contemporary art regain their former, unique splendour, and you will not pay a fortune for it - each service of conservation of artworks is valued individually. We deal with both old and modern art objects, and even graphics, photographers, works made on paper and the valuation of antiques. So you can be sure that in our art gallery you will find the professional help you need.

Among our services, right next to painting valuation, confirming the authenticity of the work and researching the history of the artwork, there is also painting framing. It is the excellent quality frame that will give your work an original, original character and a unique look. At Artbidy, we offer only frames made of the best materials that are durable and look perfect on the walls. Our team of specialists will choose the best frame for the work you have, which will perfectly display it. At the request of our clients, we have already selected both minimalist frames and richly decorated pieces - so you can be sure that we will also find something perfect for you.

Trust our accurate painting valuation and other services available on offer

On request, we will take care of the conservation and valuation of the artwork that you own (we will prepare, for example, a preliminary online valuation), as well as select the perfect frame for the painting and professionally prepare the work for sale. You will get full support from us in the field of buying and selling paintings and more. Our specialists can also check the authenticity of the work. Artbidy's many years of experience is your guarantee of satisfaction with all the effects of our activities. is a brand that we have been developing for years. Valuation of artworks is just a fraction of our diverse offer. Go to our website and see how much we can offer you - whether you are an artist, a collector, an architect or another important member of the artistic community. We will do everything to meet your expectations and accurately respond to your needs.