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Why sell on

The innovative business model of the Artbidy auction house allows us to sell objects without commission from the sellers. Our valuations are prepared by experts who, thanks to their many years of experience in trade in works of art, access to databases and tracking current transactions, are able to accurately determine the value of a given object. Both of these facts make it possible to obtain the highest possible profit by selling works of art through Artbidy.

We approach the process of selling objects comprehensively, dealing with their inventory, photographing, describing, preparing documents confirming their authenticity, conservation, binding, promotion and sale finalization.

We are the 19th most visited website related to the commercialization of art in the world (No. 1 in Poland). We are in 14th place in the world in terms of reach in social media (No. 2 in Poland). As a result, tens of thousands of collectors from all over the world view our offer every day.

When you decide to sell an object from Artbidy, you can be sure that you are choosing an innovative sales solution. The system on which our website is based has been carefully thought out to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers and meet the current market requirements. Continuous development and meeting new challenges posed by the online sales market are important to us. Thanks to the combination of solid substantive experience with an open mind and the willingness to look for new opportunities, we are able to provide the most optimal solutions tailored individually to the client.

Sale at auctions

We organize several thematic auctions annually. Each auction is not only a commercial event, but also a cultural one. We invite well-known brands and media patrons to cooperate in the organization of the auction. Auction sale is a great opportunity to promote art and the certainty of obtaining market value.

Online auctions allow for transparent and transparent bidding of works, which means that we can ensure both parties' full satisfaction with the transaction. As a seller, you can be sure that your property will be displayed in the way that is best for them. Thanks to the professional development of visual materials and following exhibition trends, we can provide our clients with the appropriate level of auction sales. This type of transaction not only brings you a satisfactory profit, it is also a great experience and experience that makes both buying and selling a unique event.

It is also important for us to be aware of and attentive to the environment around us, which is why we try to regularly propose our clients to participate in charity auctions, organized on our platform, among the events we organize.

We believe that art has a huge power to change the world, so we are not indifferent to the problems that are happening in the social space.

The gallery offers works of ancient, contemporary and new art, as well as sculptures, photographs, illustrations, posters, comics, crafts, jewelry, collectors' items, design, as well as historic vehicles and real estate.

By displaying an object in our gallery offer, you gain the interest of tens of thousands of people daily who visit our website, as well as social media channels. We regularly publish and promote the objects we have in catalogs, which means that we provide each item with reliable and thoughtful marketing care. We focus on both the visibility of works in space and the quality of the materials presented. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your object will be both recognizable and associated with the highest level. Objects with a fixed price can be purchased through the "buy now" option, which allows for efficient, safe and transparent sale of the exhibited work.

The gallery offer presented on our website is the equivalent of an online art gallery. We put great care and attention to the selection of the presented works. We want the objects we choose to present themselves in the best possible way and appear on the virtual wall in the company of the most exquisite collections.

Private sale

We offer the sale of works of art in a private offer (the so-called "quiet"). Private sale is a discreet brokerage of high value transactions between seller and buyer. We have a database of over 2,000 collectors divided into categories according to the interest of a given artist or subject. Private Selling works outside of the traditional online auction calendar.

In-depth knowledge of the market allows us to meet almost every collector's demand. We advise on building a collection, selling valued works and acquiring specific items on request. An individual approach to each client allows us to meet the requirements of collectors, while maintaining complete confidentiality and guaranteeing all parties a sense of security. All arrangements are tailored to the needs of customers, moreover, we provide sellers with price control of the displayed objects, focusing on efficient communication and cooperation.

If you want us to help you sell your property outside of auctions and gallery offers, please contact one of our specialists or submit your object using the form below.

Object application

If you have artwork or collectors for sale, please report them to us by clicking the "Report Item" button below. Our team of experts will help you determine the authorship of the object, the period of its construction, assessment of its condition, valuation, and the selection of the most appropriate method of sale.

When submitting objects, it is important that you remember to describe as precisely as possible and clear photographs showing the important elements when assessing the value of the work. It is worth paying attention to the clear presentation of signatures, special marks and all markings - this will enable our specialists to conduct a thorough analysis of the tested object.

Objects can be submitted via:

  • the form on our website,
  • e-mail:
  • telephone contact: +48 604 238 369
  • by sending photos and description by traditional mail to the address of the registered office: Artbidy Auction House, st. Świętojerska 5/7 (building C, level -1), 00-236 Warsaw
  • a visit to the headquarters of the company: st. Świętojerska 5/7 (building C, level -1), 00-236 Warsaw

We recommend submitting the application online, this form allows for a reliable and thorough examination of the reported object. Our team regularly monitors requests to ensure a timely response. If necessary, we encourage you to contact our specialists directly.

We are distinguished by the lack of selling costs - this means that as a person selling the property you do not incur any costs. The total cost of the commission, which is 20%, is borne by the Buyer.

To determine the optimal price, an Artbidy specialist will evaluate your property taking into account elements such as: artist or manufacturer, country of origin, origin, date of execution, materials, dimensions, rarity, object or type, condition and market demand.

The agreed reserve price will be set at or below the low estimate, i.e. a level not above the low estimate. Your property will not be sold below the selected price without prior arrangement.

All our quotes are free of charge. Please be advised, however, that Artbidy only provides estimates for items that our specialists have identified as potentially eligible for sale.

Yes, a request for a quote is only the first step in selling your item.

We usually reply to your initial inquiry within seven working days. In some cases, more time is required if a subject requires additional research. In such special cases, we will inform you about the status of your application.

If you wish to submit an item to a specific auction, we usually recommend that you submit your item information at least 6-8 weeks in advance of the event start date. This will allow us to accurately assess the facility, determine the optimal price and prepare marketing materials. Remember that you can choose to list an object in our gallery offer or for private sale - both of these channels operate outside the auction calendar.

To submit an item, you do not need to invest in its special preparation. Artbidy's specialist will check the current condition of the submitted item and inform you about the steps that should be taken in order to sell the item in the most effective way.

If your object is eligible for sale on Artbidy, our specialists will contact you to provide an initial price and propose the most appropriate sales channel for your property.

If your object has been qualified for listing in a gallery offer, private sale or online auction - you can keep it until sale. The object remains with you until we find a buyer or when a potential buyer wants to see it. In special cases, i.e. the need for additional analyzes to determine the authenticity, we may ask you to deliver the object to our headquarters. At the time of the physical takeover of the facility, we sign a commission contract. We offer safe transport of objects to our headquarters and care for them. For more information, please contact our specialists.

After your object has been examined and approved, we will contact you to agree the terms of sale. Then we will start selling. If you find a potential customer or need to present your property to a customer, you will be asked to deliver it to us. We will take over the facility physically on the basis of a commission contract. The commission contract specifies, inter alia, minimum sale price, commission commission percentage, amount due to the owner, legal status of the facility, assumption of responsibility for the facility from the moment of its receipt by Artbidy, etc.

The contract can be signed:

  • by e-mail by sending a scan of the signed contract:
  • by traditional mail, by sending the signed contract to the address of the company's headquarters: Jana Kochanowskiego 12C / 8, 01-864 Warsaw
  • in person at the company's headquarters: Jana Kochanowskiego 12C / 8, 01-864 Warsaw

Our team will send you a post-auction sales statement confirming the price your property has reached. This sum will include any agreed expenses and any applicable taxes. Remember, however, that Artbidy does not charge a commission from sellers. In the case of selling an item from the gallery offer, you will be immediately informed about this fact by e-mail.

Once your object is sold, the money will be transfered within 14 days after the buyer collects the object, paid to the bank account specified in the contract.

Depending on your legal status, you are required to pay different taxes. If the sale of works of art isn’t the basis of your business activity and you are in possession of it for more than 6 months - it is not necessary to indicate the income from the sale in the tax declaration. If you sell your work as an artist, art gallery or dealer, you are liable to pay income tax.

VAT is levied on sales of works of art by persons acting as VAT taxpayers, i.e. persons making sales as part of their business activities. The sale of works of art may be subject to the rate of 8% VAT (for authors, heirs of creators, people who buy works of art occasionally) and 23% (for taxpayers who are not authors and professionally trade in works of art).

It is also possible to pay VAT only on the amount of the margin obtained from the sale. This mainly applies to taxpayers selling works that have been acquired for the purposes of their business. In this case, the taxable margin is the difference between the total amount to be paid by the purchaser of the artwork and the amount the seller has acquired the artwork, less tax.

If the sale of a work of art is not made by a person who is a VAT payer and is not related to a business activity, then it is not subject to VAT but to tax on civil law transactions. The rate of this tax is 1%, this tax is borne by the buyer.

In the case of an auction - if the item you are bidding does not reach the reserve price at the auction, we will contact you with our recommendations for your item. One of the possibilities in such a situation is to put the object in the gallery offer.

In the case of a gallery offer: if the facility is physically located with you, you do not need to take any action. In the case of items in Artbidy's possession, the return may vary depending on the type of object, in which case you should contact our specialist to arrange further steps.

We are also very happy to cooperate with artists. We encourage you to fill in the object submit form (please include your biography in the comments).

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