Why sell on

The innovative business model of the Artbida auction house allows us to sell objects without commissions from the sellers. Our valuations are prepared by experts who, thanks to their many years of experience in trading works of art, access to databases and tracking current transactions, are able to accurately determine the value of a given object. Both of these facts make it possible to obtain the highest possible profit by selling works of art through Artbidy.

We approach the process of selling objects comprehensively, dealing with their inventory, photographing, describing, preparing documents confirming their authenticity, conservation, binding, promotion and sale finalization.

We are the 19th most visited website related to the commercialization of art in the world (No. 1 in Poland). We are 14th in the world in terms of reach in social media (No. 2 in Poland). As a result, tens of thousands of collectors from around the world browse our offer every day.

Sale at auctions

We organize several thematic auctions annually. Each auction is not only a commercial event, but also a cultural one. We invite well-known brands and media patrons to cooperate in the organization of the auction. Auction sale is a great opportunity to promote art and the certainty of obtaining market value.

The gallery offer includes works of ancient, contemporary and new art, as well as sculptures, photographs, illustrations, posters, comics, crafts, jewelery, collectors' items, design, as well as historic vehicles and real estate.

Private sale

We offer the sale of works of art in a private offer (the so-called "silent"). We have a database of over 1000 collectors divided into categories according to the interest of a given artist or subject. If you want us to help you sell your object outside of auctions and gallery offer, please contact us or submit your object using the form below.

Object application

If you have artwork or collections for sale, please report them to us by clicking the "Report Item" button below. Our team of experts will help you determine the authorship of the object, the period of creation, assessment of the state of preservation, valuation, and the selection of the most appropriate mode of sale.

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