About the department

Contemporary art is an incredibly important period in the history of art. It has begun after World War II and continues to this day. It includes art movements and styles such as street art, conceptual art, minimal art, optical art, pop-art, hyperrealism, and Arte Povera. Those multiple innovations in the artistic world were initiated by the Dada and Futurist movements which stood in opposition to established tradition. What they were seeking was a new form of artistic expression.

Features of contemporary art

Values and attitudes promoted by contemporary art include freedom of creation, individualism, crossing socio-cultural boundaries, and experimenting with conventionally understood aesthetics. Thus, to some extend it mirrors the today’s world. Any contact with contemporary art requires sensitivity, imaginativeness, and avoidance of an unequivocal judgement, especially if one does not possess knowledge concerning context and concept of an art piece.

Contemporary art creators reject conventional canons, experiment with form, and constantly investigate transgressions of culture. Diversity of contemporary art styles shapes its universality. Thereby, it has a huge chance to gain interest of different viewers. Because of its dynamic development and emergence of new concepts, contemporary art is sometimes viewed as controversial. Art theoreticians search for its sense in new ideas and forms that very often are antagonistic in relation to previous periods. All these features constitute contemporary art as an endless source of inspiration for art connoisseurs and artists of the young generation.

Investment in contemporary art

Is it worth to invest in contemporary art works? The answer is affirmative for, at least, several reasons. First of all, contemporary art excellently composes with today’s architectural and design aesthetics. Pieces of contemporary art perfectly match modern interiors, enhancing their style. Secondly, contemporary art works are usually much less expensive than works from earlier periods. This allows for investing in contemporary art with a chance for profit in the future. Number of people secure and diversify their capital in this way.

Contemporary art auctions

Our Department of Contemporary Art organizes auctions of distinguished contemporary art works. Additionally, we popularize contemporary art in Poland through arranging various events. At auctions organized by Artbidy we display works of the most prominent artists. We had an opportunity to present, among others, Wojciech Fangor, Zdzisław Beksiński, Edward Dwurnik, Jerzy Duda-Gracz, Henryk Płóciennik, Józef Wilkoń, Leon Tarasiewicz, Rafał Olbiński, and Jarosław Modzelewski. We invite you to participate in our future auction projects. In case of any questions or further information – we are at your disposal. All details concerning getting in touch with us are provided in the section Contact on our website.

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