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Edward Dwurnik
First and last name
Edward Dwurnik
Date of birth
1943, Radzymin
Date of death
2018, Warsaw

Edward Dwurnik was a Polish illustrator, painter, graphic designer, and an author of collages. He studied scultpure and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw between 1963 and 1970. The outstanding artist was inspired by works of Bernard Buffet and Nikifor Krynicki. Dwurnik created politcally engaged works, ironically documenting the PRL reality, social unrest after the introduction of martial law in 1981, and various aspects of urban life. His art is rich in colours, dynamic, and thematically diverse. He is particularly known for his series of paintings, i.a., "Hitchhiking travels," "Workers," or "Warsaw" in which multiple "types" of people, e.g., the farmer, the alcoholic, or the underground man, are presented. After year 2000 became interested in abstraction and act. In 2016 awarded the Gloria Artis Medal.

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