We cordially invite you to take a look at the works of art presented at the ongoing Contemporary Masters auction at Artbidy. The catalog features more than 50 exceptional works by well-known artists that are sure to interest even discerning collectors. We present paintings, sculptures, prints and works on paper by established artists, which additionally have investment potential and will be an excellent addition to any art collection. We encourage you to take a closer look at the Contemporary Masters auction offer, choose the best artwork and bid. 

Edward Dwurnik's iconic landscapes and vedutas 

The catalog begins with four canvases by Edward Dwurnik, one of Poland's most prominent contemporary painters and printmakers. Since the artist's death in 2018, the prices of his works have begun to rise and become increasingly desirable to collectors. His paintings offered at the Masters of Modernity auction manifest Dwurnik's unique and recognizable artistic manner, but thematically they are a presentation of the author's wide range of creative interests. Two works focus on rural views and nature - 'Kingcups' (lot 1) is a tranquil panorama of a flowery yellow field, while 'Pines' (lot 2) shows a fragment of a forest in a dynamic and somewhat abstract manner in Dwurnik's typical style. The next works in the catalog are vedutas, or landscapes depicting a city. “Cracow” (lot 3) is a subdued color bird's eye view of Cracow's market square and the famous St. Mary's Church, at which a crowd of various figures has gathered. The blue veduta “New York” (lot 4) attracts not only with its colors, but also with its precision of execution and compositional order, not often seen in the artist. Collectors of Polish contemporary art find it difficult to do without a work by Edward Dwurnik in their collections. The painter will not create any more new paintings, so the number of available works is limited, which makes them even more desirable, and their prices are rising, guaranteeing future investment potential. 


Sculptures - spatial image of the body 

The ongoing Contemporary Masters auction featured sculptural works by well-known and acclaimed artists. Although the sculptures on display differ in style, materials, workmanship and aesthetics, they all touch on one theme - the human body. The catalog includes, among others, two ceramic works by Czestochowa-based sculptor and monument maker Szymon Wypych, which depict the human figure in two different ways. 'Lady in a Hat' (lot 46) is an open and casual silhouette of a walking woman looking up at the sky, while ‘Antract’ (lot 47) depicts a hunched, secretive figure holding a violin. Collectors looking for a sculptural addition to their contemporary art collection should look out for the works of Igor Mitoraj, who became famous for his bronze portraits and nudes. Our auction offer includes two sculptures by Mitoraj depicting a male torso. These are 'Perseus' (lot 43), clearly referring to ancient Greek sculpture of the classical period, and 'Armor (Curaisse) II' ( lot 42), with a small format but great elegance of execution. Finally, a small body fragment can also be found in the sculpture by César Baldaccini, 'Index' (lot 44), which depicts an index finger. 


Abstractions - dynamic compositions and colorful op-art

In the current auction offerings, abstractions appear in many, various forms. From the minimalist composition 'Pamukale L' (lot 18) by Jan Dobkowski, through Jan Wyżykowski's punctilious canvases 'Rawka' (lot 16) and 'Before the Stars' (lot 15), to Tadeusz Moskała's dynamic and color-intensive work 'Behind the Raster' (lot 12) - in the Contemporary Masters catalog, abstraction takes on every possible form. For clients interested in the latter variant, i.e. works distinguished by strong colors, vigorous structure and clear detail, we suggest paying special attention to paintings by Krzysztof Pajak (lots 8, 10, 11) and Tadeusz Moskała (lot 14). On the other hand, aesthetically similar serigraphs by Victor Vasarely (lots 48-51) captivate us with their symmetry and multicolor, stylistically flirt with op-art, attract us with their uniqueness and together form a unique set of four graphics. Among the abstractions auctioned, one of the items with the greatest investment potential is Wojciech Fangor's serigraph 'M65' (lot 5). In recent years, the artist's work has become famous for breaking auction records, and for some time the author maintained his status as the most expensive Polish painter. His works are still actively sought after on the art market by many collectors. The works of the prominent Polish graphic artist Henryk Plóciennik are similarly popular. His 'Monotype 18' (lot 34) is distinguished by its red background and interesting geometric composition. In the catalog you will also find a conceptual etching by Roman Opalka entitled '333' (lot 22), whose author is famous for his individual style of constructing an image from numbers. 


Magic and surrealism - beyond reality

One of the most beloved recent trends on the art market also appeared in the Contemporary Masters auction catalog. Magic realism can be found, for example, in the works of Tomasz Sętowski. 'Constellatio' (lot 38) is a unique depiction of outer space inhabited by peculiar figures united with architectural forms, while 'Gulliver's Travels' (lot 39) is a painting like an illustration from a fairy tale novel. In addition to the unreal canvases, we have to offer a print by the world's precursor of Surrealism, a lithograph by Salvador Dali entitled 'Dali Nude, in Contemplation before Five Regular Bodies' (lot 52). The work is a self-portrait of the artist in a kneeling position, accompanied by a sleeping dog, against a background of a landscape stylistically typical of the artist. Fantastic connotations and unreal figures are presented in two works on paper by an artist known to everyone - Pablo Picasso. His lithograph 'Faun with Double Flute' (lot 19) portrays the titular magical creature in an economical manner, while the print 'The Harlequin's Family' (lot 20) depicts a genre scene from the daily life of the Harlequin family in the form of a subdued, simple but captivating picture. 


Figurations - capturing the figure 

In the catalog of the current auction we offer collectors a wide selection of figurative works, including nudes and portraits. If you're looking for an interesting nude, be sure to check out the works of Eugene Gerlach (lots 31, 32). In both canvases, the artist depicted in a typical cubist manner a female body inscribed in an abstract and dynamic background. Marian Nowinski (lots 40, 41), Zdzislaw Beksinski (lot 21) and Henryk Plóciennik (lot 35) proposed similarly intense nudes in their drawings.  A more unusual and somewhat disturbing style of showing the human body is offered by Andrzej Strumillo in his black-and-white prints accompanying the 'Flight' series exhibition (lot 37).  For collectors interested in conventional portraiture, we particularly recommend paintings by Andrzej Bój-Wojtowicz (lot 24) and Hanna Bakuła (lot 30). An unusual but very interesting concept of figural representation can be found in Stanislaw Mlodożeniec's work 'Figural Composition' (lot 33). 

The Contemporary Masters auction will last until May 15, 2024, 8:00 p.m. We hope that the right artwork awaits you in the catalog we have prepared. We invite you to bid!

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