About the department

What is NFT art?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens), or crypto coins, have great potential in the art world. The development of the NFT market is extremely fast, and the value of works available on it changes with similar dynamics. NFT tokens are an alternative form of investment in art. Thanks to a unique data record, digitizing works of art and selling them in a virtual space is a way to earn money and create a prestigious collection of works without owning them physically.

What is an NFT token?

The main feature of NFT is the non-exchangeability of tokens, included in the very name of the technology. Each token is unique, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, which stores information about all online transactions involving the object. When buying an NFT artwork, the investor is, therefore, assured of being the exclusive owner of the original, holding  a certificate that proves the right to possess it. Making duplicates of NFT works is possible, but they are equivalent to copies of the masterpieces, devoid of authenticity.

NFT artworks

NFT makes it possible to monetize non-material objects, in a way becoming a new genre of the 21st century art. Artists using digital media have a chance to sell their works outside the circulation of the traditional art market. The global NFT market allows digital works of art to be considered object-like in relation to material objects. In order to monetize their art, artists can forgo working with physical galleries instead focusing on promoting their work online. In addition, NFT, by recording transactions involving the artwork, allows the creator to make a profit on each transaction.

NFT art auctions and more

Artbidy is the first  auction house in Poland to undertake the reuglart sale of NFT art.

Our offer includes:

- tokenization - creating a digital version of works of art in a few simple steps, based on blockchain technology, which guarantees the invariability of the data entered

- conducting and supervising transactions of purchase and sale of NFT works of art in accordance with the token trading law

- access to the NFT stock exchange with the history of each object, including all transactions changing its value and the owner(s) of the certificate

- professional consulting

- the possibility of connecting a wallet with cryptocurrencies (cryptowallet)

- possibility to send tokens to Artbidy website

- access to the gallery of tokens in 3D technology

- guarantee of droit de suite (author's economic right) for artists, enabling them to profit from any transaction regarding their works

- creation of smart contracts - digital contracts placed in the blockchain, based on a computer protocol, containing all the necessary information about the work of art and its transactions

In case of any questions regarding auctions organized by us or NFT art objects, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact details can be found on our website website in the Contact tab.