About the department

The industrial revolution of the eighteenth century influenced enormous socio-economic changes. Some jobs were no longer needed because machines did everything faster and cheaper. Once common skills began to gradually fade away, and people who could produce everyday items, jewelry or other objects became, as it were, artists. Today, crafts are considered true art and handcrafted items are works of this art.

Artistic craftsmanship includes all kinds of hand-made utility items, which are additionally characterized by special artistic values. This mainly applies to products such as fabrics, ceramics, goldsmiths, furniture and fittings. The form of works of arts and crafts usually follows the style that prevailed in the arts of the period. Craftsmen usually decide on one specific period in art and model their products on it. Works of artistic craftsmanship go very well with selected interior styles, such as: classic style, rustic style, glamor or art deco. It is worth taking this into account when planning the purchase of this type of thing.

Craft auctions

The Craft Department coordinates auctions where you can find unique arts and crafts items. We offer a wide range of facilities that will surely interest you. Among them there are such things as: silver Norblin and Fraget, French and Russian silver, porcelain: Meissen, Rosenthal, Ćmielów, antique furniture, lamps and fabrics. We have noticed an increased interest in works of craftsmanship, which is why we are constantly expanding our offer for our clients. Artistic craftsmanship is a perfect complement to the home space, because it combines practical use with considerable aesthetics.

Beginning of artistic craft

The history of crafts in Poland goes back to the early Piast times. The first craft guilds were established in the thirteenth century, and in 1947 there were as many as fourteen. After the Second World War, the craft began to rebuild its potential, and the peak of popularity of these professions was in the years 1988 - 1989, when the number of factories dealing with craft activity was then as high as 600,000.

Currently, about 300,000 enterprises are associated in the craft guilds in Poland. The dominant industries in Polish crafts are: construction, wood, textile and clothing, metal and food. A characteristic feature of the craft is a small scale of activity, which is usually limited to your own household or a small workshop. Although the peak of the popularity of crafts is long behind us, there is now some kind of fashion for hand-made items. The development of the Internet contributed to this, which made it possible to purchase works of artistic craftsmanship at a distance.

If you have any doubts about the auctions we organize or objects of artistic craftsmanship, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.