About the department

We often look for art in museums, galleries and community centers, but we forget that art literally surrounds us from every side. Poland suffered enormously during the Second World War and few buildings from the pre-war period remained. However, there are real gems, i.e. historic properties, which are the testimony of past decades. Collectors are constantly looking for them, and due to the fact that there are so few of them left, the prices of historic properties reach huge amounts.

The historic property is mainly characterized by historical values ​​and the original or renovated external facade. The interiors are usually renovated because after so many years they are gnawed by the tooth of time and simply damaged. The purchase of historic real estate is usually associated with strict restrictions on interference, which are imposed by the provincial conservator of monuments. Before any renovation, the owner must obtain the approval of the project by the conservator. Nevertheless, these properties are still very popular because they are a fantastic investment. Many people want to live in such a property or locate their business in it, e.g. in the form of an atmospheric restaurant.

Auctions of historic real estate

The Department of Historic Real Estate organizes and coordinates auctions where you can bid on unique historic properties. Our offer regularly includes interesting objects that we are constantly looking for on the market. We have already had the opportunity to sell historic houses, apartments and palaces from all over Poland.

What is worth paying attention to when buying a historic property? First - her condition. Some of them may require a general renovation, and for this you need a permit from the conservator. It is also worth finding out about the utilities connected to the facility - whether there is water, electricity, etc .. Another important aspect is the location. Real estate in large cities will achieve a much higher value than those located in smaller towns or villages. Other things that are worth paying attention to are, for example, the architectural style or the exact legal status.

Historic real estate buy

Why are people so fascinated by historic real estate? You can feel the passage of time in the walls of these places. They were built in a completely different way than today's houses and apartments. They were maybe not that practical and modern, but they had their own unique style. It was a reflection of the period in which these facilities were built. Being in such a place, you can even move back in time and imagine how people lived decades ago. That is why they are so coveted not only by collectors, but simply by ordinary people.

Historic real estate sale

If you have any questions about our auctions or real estate in our offer, please contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to dispel any doubts you may have. The necessary contact details can be found on our website in the Contact tab.