What attracts us to magical realism? Why are we interested in fantastical landscapes, fairytale characters or surreal genre scenes? In recent years, collectors have been increasingly keen to buy works that effectively eschew the representation of reality, which has been reflected in the large number of such artworks on the market. This trend is still continuing, and the affection for magic realism is not diminishing. Non-realist paintings are a way into dreamlike lands and fantasy scenes that transport the viewer into a unique world created by the artist. Such unearthly stimuli are what we seek when we try to break free from the everyday life around us. If you are planning to bring some magic into your interior or are hunting for a new surrealist painting for your collection, take a look at the catalogue of our ongoing auction 'Magic Realism. Beyond Reality' and find a unique work of art for yourself.

Portraits and Figurations: Anatomy of Magical Figures

Among the catalogue items in the latest magical art auction are paintings that take up the theme of portraiture and figuration. The authors depict people in magical conventions, which can be manifested in the figure's silhouette itself, as well as in its surroundings. The figurative paintings and portraits on auction are stylistically and aesthetically different. In the catalogue, we present a spectrum of possibilities for the magical representation of figures: 

  • Sorceresses - i.e. extraordinary images of women inviting you into a fairytale world. From the literal depiction of a fairy on canvas by Gabriel Rodak ('Fairy', lot 15), to the entwined nature nymph by Łucja Sokołowska ('Enchanted Forest', lot 16), to the portrait of an enlightened woman in the midst of the cosmos painted by Rafał Mruszczak ('Horizon', lot 43), you will find at least a few items depicting magical figures in the catalogue. 
  • Nudes - anatomical and disturbing depictions of the human body, which invite reflections on ageing and passing, include, for example, paintings by Paweł Stangreciak ('Untitled', lot 40), Laura Pawela ('Untitled', lot 26) or Marcin Lewicki ('Wandering Between Dimensions', lot 29). A more traditional nude can be found on a canvas by Beata Gołąbek ('The Old Garden', lot 63), where a biblical scene with Adam and Eve meets a Mannerist aesthetic.
  • Faceless portraits - human images devoid of the most important element, namely the face and its expression. These mysterious works show figures anatomically alluding to humans, but the viewer can only guess what the depicted creatures are. Paintings in this style include works by Marcin Lewicki ('Untitled', item 27) or Amanda Kowalczyk ('Untitled', lot 12), as well as three works by Jarosław Seifert ('Untitled', lots 30, 31 and 32). 
  • Associated Figurations — that is, figures visibly grafted with other, magical elements of representation. Combining the body with architectural or natural components can be found in the paintings of Monika Jonak ('Art of Duration', lot 8), Żaneta Chłostowska-Szwaczka ('Towards the Sun', lot 9), Van Der Schvanek ('In Search of Lost Time', lot 78) and Robert Rojek ('Back to the End', lot 66), and in a lithograph by Rafał Olbinski ('Explicit introspection', lot 59). 


Landscapes: Fantastic panoramas 

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional landscapes or want to escape the standard views around you, look out for the magical panoramas on offer at the ongoing auction. 

  • Fairytale scenery - some auction items depict magical landscapes in a fairytale context. We can think of the content of the works as an introduction to a fairy tale or its setting. Such an infantile, enchanted character can be found in the paintings by Iwona Szmist ('Tree of Passage', lot 7) and Wojciech Golonka ('Untitled', lot 39), as well as in two incographs by Rafał Olbiński ('Castle in the Clouds', lot 56 and 'Rainbow', lot 57). 
  • Futuristic cities - the catalogue also includes vedutas and views of fast-paced urban life, full of machines and technology. For all those interested in futuristic art and magical cityscapes, we suggest three paintings by Tomasz Sętowski ('Tempus', lot 67; 'Eruption of Time', lot 68; 'Uni II', lot 69).
  • Calmly unsettling landscapes - that is, panoramas that seem to gently show a chosen view, yet their unadulterated character fills the viewer with uncertainty and prompts reflection. This particular temperament is evident in the works of Joanna Abra ('Towards Jupiter (I)', lot 46), Daniel Bialowąs ('Íseyjar VI', lot 49), Jerzy T. Mroz ('One Day', lot 50) and Sławomir Cwalina ('PerMusion P04_10-01', lot 75). 

Animalism: the unusual animal in a painting

The popularity of animalism is growing. More and more collectors are selecting to purchase a painting with an animal. There is no shortage of such works in the Magic Art auction catalogue. We hope that the fairytale-like and not entirely realistic depictions of furry companions will also appeal to our customers. 

  • The magic of birds - birds are notoriously prevalent in the works offered at the ongoing auction. In Paula Gontarek's painting ('Soul II', lot 21), a fowl attacks a naked girl; in Rafał Olbiński's inkograph ('Interactive Memories', lot 58), a surreal half-bird half-plant entwines and supports a violin; and Adam Bojara's canvas ('Birds', lot 85) shows a dynamic male cockatoo. In contrast, Julia Buerger's subdued work ('Forest Spirits', lot 18) also features an image of a bird perched on the shoulder of a deer. 
  • Animals large and small - in magical animalistic representations, size does not matter. Ryszard Rosinski's work ('The entanglement of time', lot 47) shows tigers in a desert setting, while Łucja Sokołowska's painting ('Pinta de Magdalena', lot 17) is a surrealist nude surrounded by bears and deer. Horses, adored by many, are portrayed in unusual colours by Nika Hase ('Horses are not fit for war', lot 22). Smaller creatures such as frogs and insects can be found on the canvases of Paulina Szuro ('Waiting for a Goblin', lot 5) and Aneta Kitlitz ('Blue Dream Keeper', lot 83 and 'Curious', lot 84). 
  • Unidentified creatures - in two exceptional paintings by Hanna Pyrzyńska ('I arrived - I am patiently waiting', lot 19) and Anna Pyrzyńska ('The cold heart of an extrovert', lot 20), the artists show us creatures that are difficult to categorize as human or animal. Such figures definitely attract with their strange character and are the quintessence of what tempts art lovers in magic realism. 

Sculptures: spatial magic objects

Finally, we encourage you to have a look at the auction offer of sculptures. Three-dimensional art forms that refer to magic realism can be an excellent, imagination-stirring investment. In the catalogue we present figurative, animalistic and abstract sculptures.

  • The body in sculpture—most of the sculptures auctioned are figurative representations. Some of them are quite literal images, such as the works of Piotr Woroniec ('Female figure', lot 99), Tomasz Sętowski ('Woman with mirror', lot 90) or Adam Piechowiak ('Freedom - Knight', lot 95). Others, on the other hand, are more abstract and fluid depictions of silhouettes, such as in the sculptures by Katarzyna Tyszkowska ('Supernova', lot 86), Roland Kościółek ('Lady Sky', lot 88) or Igor Grechanyk ('Waterfall', lot 93). 
  • Animal figure - animal sculptures are another segment of the works available at the current auction. The catalogue includes forms of sea creatures, for example by Małgorzata Sarnecka ('Whale', lot 96) or Edyta Szalewska ('Medusa', lot 97). In addition, the animalistic theme can be seen in Adam Piechowiak's sculpture ('Oromborus', lot 94). 
  • Magical abstract sculptures - for those interested in abstract forms and non-obvious spatial works of art, we particularly recommend the sculptures by Monika Przychodzińska ('Shelter or prison', lot 91) and Edyta Szalewska ('Sun', lot 98). 

You are cordially invited to participate in the ongoing auction "Magic Realism. Beyond Reality". The catalogue presents 99 exceptional works stripped away from realism, which are sure to enrich any art collection and be a special addition to the chosen interior. The auction lasts until Wednesday, 20.03.2024 at 8 p.m. We encourage you to have a closer look at the catalogue and bid on the extraordinary artworks.

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