When creating Artbidy, we were guided by the goal of providing you with unlimited possibilities of communing with art. We believe that art is too important to remain accessible only to a narrow audience. Therefore, in 2013, we established the world's first online auction house. Today we are one of the leading auction houses in Poland and we are happy to continue our mission.

The offer of our auction house includes, among others works of the modern, contemporary and old art, graphics, illustrations, posters, photographs, crafts, design, collector's jewelery, sculptures, watches, comics, antique vehicles, precious stones, antique real estate and other collectibles.

In the Artbidy auction house you will meet real specialists and enthusiasts. We will be happy to suggest, advise or dispel any doubts regarding the purchase and sale of works of art. Artbidy has been cooperating with the best appraisers and experts in the field of art for many years, both in Poland and abroad.

We created the first online auction house in the world in 2013