Wlastimil Hofman
First and last name
Wlastimil Hofman
Date of birth
1881, Prague
Date of death
1970, Szklarska Poręba

Wlastimil Hofman was a Polish (of Czech-Polish descent) painter, an outstanding representative of Symbolism. From 1986 he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Krakow under Jacek Malczewski, Leon Wyczółkowski and Jan Stanisławski. Moreover, between 1899 and 1901 he studied at the École des beaux-arts in Paris. In his work Hofman referred to the stylistics and subject matter of Jacek Malczewski's works. Apart from paintings in the symbolic and allegorical line, he painted genre scenes inspired by rural life. During his career, this painter exhibited his paintings both in Poland and abroad: in Munich, Vienna, Lvov, Berlin, Cologne or Prague. He was a member of the prestigious Munich Society of Fine Arts.