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Zbigniew Libera
First and last name
Zbigniew Libera
Date of birth
1959, Pabianice

Zbigniew Libera is a Polish artist, co-author of projects concerning independent art in Poland, and precursor of "critical art" relating to human body and queer aesthetics. He creates artistic objects, installations, viedoinstallations, and photographies. He studied pedagogy in Toruń but after a year decided to quit the University. Involvement in artistic communities of "Strych" and "Kultura Zgrzytu" in Łódź were more appealing to him. Libera's works analyze cultural and gender norms ("How to Train Little Girls," 1987), an attitude towards human body ("Intimate Rites," 1984), and mass media manipulations. The artist critiques political, social, and economical situation. He is particuralrly known for the controversial installation titled "Lego. Concentration Camp" (1996). His works are displayed, i.a., in the Zacheta Gallery and in the Center for Contemporary Art  in Warsaw.