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Contemporary art

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Contemporary art

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2022-10-06 20:00:00
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2022-10-09 22:00:00
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6200 PLN
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The Artbidy Auction House cordially invites you to participate in the Contemporary Art auction, which will run between 6 and 9 October this year. As many as 33 objects have been put up for auction, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and photography.

Of particular note are paintings by Tomasz Olbiński, Tomasz Sętowski, Jacek Sienicki and Zbigniew Kopania. An exciting highlight is two artistic photographs from the 1950s by Witold Chromiński.

The auction catalogue closes with two sculptures by Igor Mitoraj,  "Face veiled" and "Perseus".

Contact about auction:

Łukasz Kuca
+48 604 238 369

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