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911T, 1969
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Porsche 911 2.4 1969 The car left the Porsche factory in 1969 as the 911T, so it was the basic version of the model. The 911 in this version was produced between August 1968 and July 1969. The car was equipped with a 2.0-liter engine and generated 110 HP. The Weber 40 IDTP3C set was responsible for the fuel mixture, which was then only available on the American market. The body was produced by Karmann and was one of 3,561 units delivered as K-Coupe at that time. The car probably came on original 5.5 × 15 Fuchs rims. Many years have passed, the car was brought to Europe. His "vacation in the Old Continent" started in the Netherlands, where he ended up as a car in need of repair work. From there, it was purchased by a German garage owner who decided to breathe new life into a tired Porsche. The long and advanced process of car restoration has begun. Thanks to him, the car looks great today. Under the tailgate there is a larger and more powerful power unit (probably the original one was not very suitable for rebuilding) with a capacity of 2.4 liters and 140 horsepower. The body was covered with the characteristic Irish Green for this production period. The bodywork underwent a comprehensive reconstruction, it was impossible to leave the interior without a similar scope of work. The seats will feature recognizable black and white material, many parts have been replaced with new ones. Sheet metal machine: The car has been fully repaired, and today it looks perfect. Lacquer: The varnish coat has been professionally made and does not require any cosmetic work. Engine and gearbox: The engine is in very good condition, runs smoothly, flawlessly. The gearbox does not creak. Suspension and Brakes: Suspension and brakes can be described as very good, in a condition similar to the factory. Interior: The interior has retained its original character, is in a very good condition and does not require any work. All in all, the Porsche offered is a great model that shows no signs of wear and tear. The engine, although not original, gave the car a lot of vigor, thanks to which the car drives great and will be the perfect car for the upcoming season.