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#ID 2123

Bodkin | Artist: Fabergé | 2123


Technique : olivine / enamel
Dimensions : 6 cm
Status: Gallery offer sold
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FABERGE Carl Peter / Петер Карл Фаберже - A luxurious tie pin made in the world's greatest goldsmith's workshop! Gilded silver 84, Moscow 1899-1908. The pin is decorated with blue-pearl enamel, in the central place there is a natural olivine with a beautiful, deep color saturation. On the side you can see the goldsmith's workshop mark К.Ф and the Moscow hallmark for silverware "84", used in the years 1899-1908. Length 60 mm. General condition - perfect, no signs of damage, scratches or repairs. An item for the most demanding customers, appearing extremely rarely on the antiquarian market! FABERGE Carl Peter / Петер Карл Фаберже (1846 - 1920) - In 1858 he enrolled in the Gymnasium in St. Petersburg. In 1861 in Dresden, he began his education at a trade school, at the same time he studied the art of jewelery, he made a journeyman journey visiting Germany, France and Italy. After returning to Russia, he works in the enterprise owned by Father, then taking over it, he modernizes the workshop and showrooms. In 1885, the Faberge company designed the first Easter egg for Alexander III. The Fabergé company has gained great fame in Russia and around the world. He was a goldsmith of royal courts in England, Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Siam, Sweden, Finland and Norway. In 1895 and 1896, the Fabergé company employed around 450 skilled workers and a large number of apprentices in all its branches. It is estimated that between 1872 and 1917, the Fabergé company produced approximately 150,000 works. Almost every item designed and manufactured in the company's studios is unique. Duplicate models are very rare.