#ID 1219
G320, 1997
Status: Gallery offer sold
Chassis number: WDB46323117108456 The Mercedes G series is probably the most recognizable icon of the German brand today. The car has been produced in a slightly changed visual form for over 40 years. Subsequent modifications and improvements made the generation of the W463 series the first luxurious and suitable for everyday use variation of the star SUV. The offered car left the factory in 1997 and went to the Japanese market. Then it was brought in 2017 and since then it has been used by a private owner who purchased Gelenda with a mileage of 111,000 km. From the beginning, the car was bought with everyday use in mind, therefore all services and necessary replacements were performed on a regular basis. We have a full and rich service history of the copy available during the inspection. The car looks very good today. The original paintwork in smaragdschwarz metallic (9189) is in good condition. The car currently has a mileage of 154,000 kilometers, and the general condition of the interior seems to confirm this. Gelenda has been equipped with a good-quality LPG installation, thanks to which moving it on a daily basis provides only pleasure without the need for financial sacrifices. Both the engine and the entire drive system are in very good condition. The car is registered for 7 people. During 2 years of operation, the car has traveled through the whole of Scandinavia with the current owner and is certainly ready for further use. The Mercedes G series is a unique car through and through. Created as a military vehicle, it has evolved into a luxurious icon recognized not only by automotive enthusiasts. The W463 series, to which the vehicle belongs, is one of the most respected youngtimers in the circles of collectors. Well-preserved examples, like the car on offer, are now rare.