#ID 2849
Gold pendant with a diamond
Technique: yellow gold/diamond
Dimensions: 2,2 x 1,4 cm
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Price: 28000 PLN

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Period of creation
2 half of XX century

Elegant pendant made of 750 yellow gold. Set in the centre of the piece is a natural diamond in brilliant cut (brilliant) weighing 1.05 ct H/Si. The pendant is quite large, visible, with a diameter of 14 mm, the dimension together with the chain ring is 22 x 14 mm, weight 5,40 grams. On the back you can see the French hallmark for gold 750 used in the second half of the 20th century and the workshop mark together with the jeweller's logo. Chain made of 750 gold. Length 60 cm, weight 6.40 grams. The jewellery comes with a Excellent condition.


- certificate of the diamond expert