#ID 1218
Jaguar XJ8, 2000
Status: Gallery offer sold
Jaguar XJ - a symbol of prestige and luxury for years. The X308 generation was produced since 1997 after numerous modifications compared to its predecessors. Today, the car is a great alternative for German limousines from the turn of the 90s and 00s. The offered car is a great example of the fact that British limousines have represented unquestionable class and style for years. The car was produced in 2000 and originally hit the German market. Then it was brought to Poland in 2018 and went into the hands of a brand lover, whose collection also included the Jaguar E-Type and XJ series III. In recent months, the car has undergone a series of deep service works, the total cost of which amounts to over PLN 15,000: - timing replacement, - replacement of rear shock absorbers, - suspension geometry setting, -automatic gearbox overhaul, -air conditioning repair and service, - replacement of the ABS pump. As of today, the car runs very well and does not require any further mechanical work. From the visual side, the car looks good. The varnish coating requires cosmetics to restore its former shine. The copy we offer is a great example of a well-maintained one, which will not expose the future owner to an expensive "starter package". The Jaguar XJ is the perfect youngtimer that is sure to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors.