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#ID 4295

Untitled, 2016

Technique: oil/canvas
Dimensions: 130 x 170 cm
Status: Gallery offer
Localization: Artbidy Warsaw
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signed and described on the reverse: 'L. Tarasewicz 2016 | Oil on canvas | 130 x 170'
private collection, Poland

'[...] I often observe unusual colour combinations in nature. [...] I would like, for example, to juxtapose green with blue in such a way that this at some point becomes almost luminous. [...] Sometimes achieving such a luminous clash of colours is possible by breaking down - and therefore transforming - the naturalism of an observed phenomenon. [...] But how to do it, I don't know yet.'
Leon Tarasewicz, quoted from the artist's page on

Leon Tarasewicz is an artist for whom nature is central to his work. Tarasewicz records nature around him with great care, pouring a record of changing colours and light onto his canvases. His paintings are characterised by an observational approach to the scene he depicts - the artist does not comment on or explain his landscapes, does not create a narrative for them and does not depict people in them. Tarasewicz's compositions are rigorously rhythmic, but this rhythm is not mechanical - the rhythm in Tarasewicz's work, in all its severity, reflects the cyclical nature he portrays.