Art gallery robbed of a Van Gogh painting

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Art gallery of the Dutch Singer museum in Laren fell victim to a robbery on Sunday night.


The Singer Museum in Laren is a place of art dedicated to the memory of the Dutch painter and art collector William Henry Singer and his wife Anna. Among the exhibits you can admire many painting and sculptural works of art belonging to the artist's collection. The institution's collection included a painting of an exceptional artist — Vincent van Gogh, who was borrowed from the museum in Groningen.

Quarantine not for thieves

According to Independent on the night of 29/30 at around 3:15 in the morning, thieves broke the front glass door and broke into the building, which was closed to visitors due to pandemic quarantine. The museum art gallery during the robbery lost the painting “Spring Garden” by painter Vincent van Gogh. “Spring Garden” was painted in 1884 and was the only painting by a Dutch post-impressionist in the Groningen collection. The estimated value of the image is five million pounds. No other work has been stolen. Unfortunately, the perpetrators could not be found at this moment, the police reacted quickly to the alarm, but the thieves quickly left the crime scene and escaped justice. The theft took place on the 167 anniversary of the birth of the Dutch artist, which gives the whole story a special meaning.

The museum art gallery asks for help

On the official website of the museum in Laren we can find an article ( about theft. The institution is looking for people who may have any information about the crime. He asks residents of the city who live near the museum and have private monitoring to check the recordings and provide law enforcement authorities with materials that can facilitate or lead to the recovery of the image and punish the perpetrators. As you can see, even works of art become victims of the epidemic.

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