Why is it worth investing in the latest art?

Added 2022-01-07 in by Łukasz Kuca

There are three segments of art turnover in the works market in Poland. It is old art (the so-called old masters - works created until the 20th century), contemporary art (20th century) and the newest art (works created after 2000). These segments differ in terms of sourcing and sales. The last group is characterized by the greatest dynamics in terms of price changes. It is worth investing in it with a small budget, as it can bring a huge profit.

Investments in the art market often require either a lot of knowledge and understanding in this branch of business or the use of specialists' help. Then there are experts who make thorough analyzes in terms of assessing whether a given work is the original. Apart from them, employees of galleries or auction houses, collectors willing to resell their collections, or in the simplest case - artists themselves, help.
Investing in young art is the easiest and gives you many benefits. First of all, it is a quick opportunity to profit thanks to the dynamically developing market of works, the willingness to develop and self-promote young artists, and the constantly increasing value of the purchased items. The prices for the latest art are relatively low, much lower than in the case of ancient or contemporary art, so the possible risk of losses is reduced. Artists are constantly working on promoting their own art, so there is a good chance that a given name will suddenly become popular, and we will gain several times over. Many conscious consumers may also be positively influenced by the awareness of supporting people who have the ability to create and heads full of ideas.
The history of art is a branch of science that describes, among other things, the evolution of topics undertaken by artists. Nowadays, there are no rules regarding matching the form to the content, so the choice of works and topics presented by them is huge. Everybody can find something for self. You can not only collect them, but also use them in your own interiors. It's a kind of high-quality luxury home accessory that can earn you money.
Visiting the auction house website is the easiest process to get you closer to buying an artwork. The Artbidy Auction House offers a wide range of artists and works from the modern art segment. A gallery purchase can be made from the browser level. The second option is to take part in online auctions. A good beginning of an adventure with collecting is to focus on your own taste and choose your favorite artists. We work with those who are still creating, so we have a real impact on their well-being and talent development.

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