Art galleries collaborate with artists and enable them to present their artworks to a wide audience. Thanks to this, the greater part of the public can get acquainted with modern or classic artworks. Additionally, in the art gallery you can buy paintings, sculptures or other artworks for your own collection. What are the functions of an art gallery?

Collaboration with young talents and selling their artworks

The art gallery cooperates with young artists on a long-term basis and helps them find buyers for their artworks. Cooperation begins with getting to know the artworks, ideas and values ​​that the creator wants to convey. The artist makes a self-presentation and talks about his plans for the future. The gallery cooperates primarily with artists who want to connect their future career with painting, sculpture or the creation of other forms of art. Hobbyists who will soon most likely give up creating works for a more profitable job are rejected by the art gallery. The gallery only selects artists who want to present their vision and style, and not just gain an additional source of income.

Young artists can exhibit their artworks in the gallery to sell them. The art gallery negotiates prices with clients on their behalf and charges a commission in a predetermined amount. The commission is charged only when the artwork is sold. Some gallery owners also decide to buy works from artists and exhibit them as part of a private collection with the possibility of subsequent resale of paintings, sculptures, etc.

Presentation of artworks by classical artists

The art galleries exhibit paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other artworks from a given era. These can be ancient, medieval and valuable private collections. The gallery can make them available to the public who will buy admission tickets. In this way, those interested in art can interact with it not only in museums. They can also get acquainted with private collections even if they do not meet the collector in person.

Classic artworks attract a lot of people to the gallery, which is why the gallery earns more money from ticket sales. As a result, it conducts the business of making valuable works available to a wider audience and maintains the profitability of the business. Additionally, it can help the collection owner sell valuable paintings or drawings to another interested collector who visits the gallery.

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