In the art gallery, you can buy artworks of art created by contemporary artists or from the collections of private collectors. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, applied arts, ceramics and other artworks are waiting for buyers. Can you choose to return them after you buy them? What are the rights of an art gallery client?

Return of a artwork purchased from an art gallery

The art gallery presents artworks in such a way as to emphasize all their values ​​and fully reflect their character. For this purpose, he uses a minimalistic space without decorations. It is similar on the web. The website is transparent so that the user can focus on the work as much as possible. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee that the buyer will select a painting, sculpture or poster for the interior arrangement.

The return of a artwork purchased from an art gallery is possible in the same way as with shops. The art gallery accepts returns without giving any reason on the basis of a declaration of withdrawal. The buyer has a statutory time limit to return the purchase without consequences. The gallery returns the funds charged for the purchase of the work in full. It does not charge any commission from the customer who resigned from the purchase within the statutory period.

It is the customer's responsibility to properly secure and pack the returned artwork. They should be sent back to the address of the art gallery together with a declaration of withdrawal from the purchase. The return shipping costs are borne by the customer.

When can a work be returned to an art gallery?

Artworks purchased online can be returned to the art gallery without giving any reason. Artworks purchased after having been viewed and collected in person are non-refundable. A distance purchase is reimbursed pursuant to Art. 27 of the Act on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827 as amended). Such law results, inter alia, the fact that only live, the customer can judge whether the work was made with a professional technique and evaluate its style, colors, etc. If the buyer notices any shortcomings, he has the right to return the purchase and recover the cash. Even the best computer screen is not able to reproduce the real colors or details of the artwork.

In order to avoid returning purchases to an art gallery, it is worth considering the selection of a specific work. You should ask as many questions as possible about the exact dimensions of the work, the technique of its execution, etc. Thanks to this, it will be better to assess whether the painting, sculpture or drawing will fit into the interior arrangement and will fit in the destination place. Avoid wasting time returning and selecting another artwork.

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